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Things we loved about the Justice League Snyder Cut trailer

New Justice League trailer released

This week, Zack Snyder introduced the trailer of his new Justice League movie, which is coming to HBO Max streaming service in 2021.

The trailer has it all. It has surpassed our expectations. There were scenes that were teased for the 2017 movie as well as confirmed appearances of previous characters. However, the movie will introduce a few new characters, just like Snyder introduced ‘Wonder Woman’  back in 2017.

Wonder woman

Below, I have mentioned a few things which have made us fall in love with this trailer:

1. New footage:

The great thing is that you will see new footage not present in the finished film. There are several extra parts in the movie. Moreover, people wanted to see this new trailer due to these extra parts.

2. Cyborg gets more attention:

Snyder refers to Cyborg as the core focus of the film. We are going to see much more of Victor Stone’s character as a football star before he transforms into a superhero. In the 2017 theatrical release, Cyborg’s character was quite dull. So, hopefully, we will see much more of his character as a positive change.

3. Dividing the cut into episodes:

Personally, I would prefer to see this movie as a TV mini-series like format, rather than a four-hour-long movie. However, some fans prefer the long format and they will love the new Justice League movie.

4. Iris West is in the Cut trailer:

The original cut trailer had a scene of Barry Allen and his imprisoned father. However, it cut Iris West from the scene. It’s great to see Iris West in the trailer, ahead of the Flash movie in 2022.

5. More Superman:

Just like every other Justice league movie, you will get to see more of superman than any other character.

Generally speaking, there wasn’t enough of Henry Cavill in the 2017 Justice League movie. This wasn’t fair considering that the whole Justice league movies are built around the superman character.

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