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Today Only: $15 Steam Game, 100% Off

Anyone who knows of the Humble Store knows of its humbling offers, usually based around the idea of paying whatever a user wishes for a bundle of games, and choosing how much of their purchases go to Humble and to a few charities of their choice.

For those looking to contribute to charitable organizations or the event organizers, those groups will certainly appreciate the offer. Those looking for some cheap games can give as little as $1 for bundles often worth over $100, and make sure what they do give goes straight to those who need it most. It’s a good deal, and it also helps bring attention to Humble and the charities involved.

Humble bundles happen fairly frequently, but never before have I seen them host something like this. Today only, the humble page is offering Guns of Icarus Alliance, a game that normally costs $15, for a whopping 100% off. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

The title on offer, Guns of Icarus: Alliance is an expanded version of the massively acclaimed Guns of Icarus Online. Both titles have players piloting massive airships in a player-versus-player arena. The game operates similarly to other first-person ship combat titles, where players are free to take on positions and jobs such as manning weapon systems, piloting the craft, managing repairs, managing fuel levels, operating ammunition reserves, and much, much more.

Not ready to take on other players, or can’t find a big enough crew? Alliance also features a heavily advanced learning AI that will try again and again to out-maneuver and outsmart your own craft. Take up a team of players and attempt to survive around the AI onslaught.

And yes, before you ask, there’s ship customization. There’s a LOT of ship customization.  Every aspect of your airship can be outfitted to your liking, and customized in many unique ways, from color to texture to model to parts. Chosen parts also have dramatic effects on how your airship operates. Choose the most effective weapons, engines, and hull for your playstyle, effectively managing fuel levels, ammo consumption, damage over range, and weight versus speed to keep a tactical advantage.

The game also features a living world system. Players choose from six available factions and struggle, through numerous online matches, for control of an ever-changing virtual map. Capturing locations can give a particular faction bonuses in combat, and becoming victorious can result in grand rewards for players of the winning faction.

The deal only lasts for the rest of today, July 27th, so if you’re reading this on a later date, you’re out of luck. However, I’d still recommend you go check out the Humble Store if you have never been before. They’ve usually got some kind of deal or offer going on there.

Featured Image Via Guns of Icarus Alliance Official Site

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