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Top things you may have missed from the PlayStation 5 reveal event

PlayStation 5

In today’s PlayStation 5 reveal event, the lead system architect Mark Cerny presented the future of PlayStation. He also explained the specifications and how the console will evolve and change the future of gaming.  

It was quite a lengthy conference with minute details, so we thought to pinpoint the major things that you need to know about the PlayStation 5.  

Here are the top things that you need to know about PS5:  

  1. The SSD will help fast-travel in games:  

Cerny mentioned that he traveled the whole world to know what the developers wanted from the PS5. It turns out that the developers don’t want to spend time on the loading speed, so SSD was the most requested feature.  

The PS4 HDD loaded data at 50 to 100 MB/S, which makes a gigabyte in 20 seconds. However, with the SSD in the PS5, 5 gigabytes could load in a second. You could load 1 gigabyte of data in 20 seconds on PS4, whereas in PS5, 2 gigabytes data will be loaded in 0.27 seconds on PS5. This is a considerable increase in power, which will improve the loading screen and streaming content.  

2. SSD will fix patches:  

PlayStation 4 took a long time to install a patch after downloading. Cerny states that this isn’t going to happen because of the presence of SSD in PlayStation 5. He said that the main reason for the slow installation of the patch was that when the file is changed, the data can be downloaded quickly, however, a new file with a changed portion is made, which creates problems. However, an SSD will end the need to make new files from the old ones.  

3. PS5 will revolutionize the audio in games:  

Cerny said that a game is nothing without audio, and this is quite true. The PS4 had only a fraction of the Jaguar’s power in the PS4, which is a shame because it is quite essential to create realism in games.  

The PS5 will feature hundreds of advanced sound sources, and it will focus on enabling a sense of presence. Raindrops create a sense of presence. Moreover, the 3D audio will give you a feeling of realism.  

Aegis Defenders

4. Almost all PS4 games will be playable on PS5:  

You can play the PS5 games in something Cerny called the “Native Mode.” Moreover, the system will also ensure that you can play the PS4 or PS4 Pro games on PS5, like Aegis Defenders, The Sims 4, and others.   

He gave references to the top-played PS4 games and said that you could play almost all of them on launch. However, we don’t know how the PS1, PS2, and PS3 titles will fit into the backward compatibility.  

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The future of technological innovation is here. Be the first to discover the latest advancements, insights, and reviews. Join us in shaping the future.