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Tumblr User Uses Neural Network To Create DnD Characters, Hilarity Ensues

If trained correctly, A neural network can serve as a lightning-fast, very effective AI skilled in the delicate art of semi-random reorganization and generation. If not trained correctly, however, it can still be quite entertaining. This example is probably closer to the second scenario.

This list was generated by a recurring neural network created and programmed by well-named Tumblr user AIWierdness. In their post, the user sought to give the AI the best starting data pool as possible from which to generate a list of usable spells, so they asked for as many user-submitted DnD Character names as they could receive. Much to their delight, the DnD community showered them with attention, and they received over 10,000 entries, each containing a character name, race and class for the AI to run generations off of.

Did all that work and all those data points actually make the system better? We’re not sure. However, it did come out with a few really solid names, including Rose, Dwarg, Liandra, and Annata Shortscale – all of which are pretty conservative but make enough sense to sound like something that someone might name their character at some point. However, as we go further and further down the list, the traditional wackiness that has become synonymous with Neural Network generations begins to rear its ugly head:

The Cart: It’s not like naming yourself after a noun is particularly uncommon, but it’s usually something a bit more evocative like “The Shadow” or “The Bear”. Maybe “The Cart” just really enjoys carrying around other people’s stuff. As far as adventurers go, that’s not too weird.

Rump: If a player made this name, I’d expect the character to be a humorous parody of the current US president. Made by an AI, however, I have no idea what to think.

Rune Wash: Never thought about it, but I suppose all those runes do get dirty after a while. The character is a wizard too, so that can make sense.

Rune Diggler: This one makes much less sense. Rune Diggler, please don’t diggle my runes.

Gobble Daggers: Maybe a less-daring version of a sword swallower, or maybe a very poor choice of diets – you decide.

Bog: Never before has a name so aptly depicted a man who smells absolutely terrible.

Dawne the Monkz Shift: I leek looking at this and seeing Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Maybe this is the Dungeons and Dragons version of that character.

Merrilos PornStroke: Please no.

Dax Fux: Please Stop.


And last but not least…

E Ch BISHL NEBe Garte II Cr D McLGHJ T U E AA t Rat lek TF Horn hand tree Whistle: The Man Who Needs No Introduction

But the names were only half the battle: In the given user submissions, users also submitted the race and class of their heroes. Which means those names got mixed up as well.

So if “Human Wizard” isn’t dramatic enough for you, consider changing your profession to “Human Opera”. Or perhaps, “Mander Human Star-Carver Pottlebeard”. But why do humans get all the love? Why not play a “BlackBear Cleric”? Bears are seriously underrepresented in the DnD Universe.


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Maya Asregadoo

    August 22, 2018 at 9:07 pm

    I think I’d have to go with Dawne the Monkz Shift!

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