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Twitter demanded the immediate stop of the process of Clearview AI of collecting images from all its websites

Twitter demanded the immediate stop of the process of Clearview AI of collecting images from all its websites
Photo: Twitter
  • Clearview AI ending the meaning of privacy in Individual’s life
  • 100+ law enforcement agencies taking advantage of the app still after the ban in SF
  • Clearview used 3 billion+ images for finding a perfect match

About Clear view app:

Clearview AI is a tiny start-up that came into limelight after a story was released by The New York Times mentioning the app to “end privacy as we know it,” and allows strangers to find out individuals’ identities via the quick snap of one single photo.

Let’s take an example: Imagine a random stranger all of a sudden approach you or even without letting you know to click your pic on the road, market, malls, or any other public place and later upload the captured photo to the app. With the features of the app, he/she finds the social media profiles of yours’s besides other significant details like your full name and also your address. Your privacy will come entirely in the limelight, which we are sure you will not like.

Who is using this app?

Do you know that Clearview so far successfully amassed three billion + photographs from various sites, and that includes both Facebook and Twitter? Any Idea about who uses these photographs? These photographs are used by the FBI as well as the Department of Homeland Security in addition to 600 more law-enforcement agencies across the globe to identify suspects. In its letter of cease-and-desist, which was sent last Tuesday, Twitter mentioned that its policies have been violated and requested for removing collected data.

What’s the agreement policy of the Twitter developer speaks?

“Information derived from Twitter content may not be used by, or knowingly displayed, distributed, or otherwise made available to any public-sector entity for surveillance purposes.” It’s the agreement policy of Twitter.

As per the New York Times, the app of Clearview contains programming which is capable of pairing the images with the augmented-reality glasses which will allow users in identifying the names as well as addresses of individual they saw. So far there is no comment received from the team of Clearview

Dangerous act:

Ron Wyden, the US senator, spoke about Twitter Clearview’s activities and mentioned it as “extremely troubling”. He also said, “Americans have a right to know whether their photos are secretly being sucked into a private facial-recognition database. “Every day, we witness a growing need for strong federal laws to protect privacy.”

Apart from Ron, Senator Edward J Markey also spoke about his grave concerns, and penned down a letter to send to the company last Wednesday, stating its technology can lead to “facilitate dangerous behaviors and effectively destroy individuals’ ability to go about their lives anonymously”. Regulators to work seriously in this context want time and find out ways on how one can prevent this technology from getting abused.

Facial-recognition technology is now raising concern in China, but still, the government is purposefully making use of the same. Around 75% of the Chinese population participating in a survey done by the Beijing research institute mentioned that they want it to make use of the traditional ID methods in place of tech for verifying identity.

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