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Two More DLC Characters Released for Dragon Ball Fighter Z

The second pair of characters for acclaimed fighting game Dragon Ball Fighter Z has just been released, and impressions of both characters have been fairly good. The characters are available now for $4.99 Each, or you can opt for the $35 season pass to get all four DLC characters that have already been released in addition to the four that will be released in the future, saving yourself $5 over buying them individually.

Most players of Fighter Z are impressed with the two new characters, who both have a good number of unique traits and abilities when compared to the rest of the cast. The first of the two, Fused Zamasu, gets a full breakdown via popular fighting game Youtube content creator Maximilian, where he reviews the character’s normal attacks, special attacks, assist, and attempts to discover some advanced techniques as well as some early thoughts on where the character stands in comparison to the rest of the cast. The biggest thing that sets Zamasu apart from the rest of the cast is his flight ability, which allows him freedom of movement in the air, a trait unique to him. In other fighting games similar to Fighter Z such as the Marvel Vs Capcom games, activating flight removes your character’s ability to block, but Zamasu can still block while flying. He is limited in the actions he can take, however, and can only perform one special move before dropping to the ground.

Maximillian also notes that while the character does not do exceptional damage, they do offer good utility to their team, as their flight ability will allow them to provide a lot of offensive pressure and allow them to easily escape difficult situations. One of their level 1 super attacks has significant start-up time but covers the screen in a flurry of projectiles that rain from the sky, and keep raining well after Zamasu is free to move around the screen. Maximillian believes this super will be used to force the opponent to block the projectiles, allowing Zamasu free rain to assault them with a flurry of high or low attacks. These attacks will be difficult for the opponent to see through the raining super, let alone respond to and defend against. Their level 3 super also tracks the opponent’s position on screen, and can be used in the ground or in the air.

Vegito Blue is a much different case. Maximillian notes that the character’s strengths are fairly significant: He’s decently quick on the ground, has a few normal attacks with longer-than-average range (Crouching Medium in particular is a diving slide with surprising reach) and can chain supers together for well-above average damage. But he’s got one glaring weakness: Light attacks.

Vegito Blue’s light attack is a multi-hit flurry kick that cannot be pressed as quickly and is not safe if your opponent blocks. The full flurry kick comes out on a single button press, so there’s really no option for a traditional safe grounded approach here. His crouching light attack is slow to start up and does not hit low. This is a glaring weakness that eliminates a key approach method very important to how people play Fighter Z. Most other characters have a quick, safe light attack that can be rapid-fired for a safe way to apply pressure to opponents.

Vegito blue seems to be built as a character that relies on the support of his teammates to open up combo situations for him and cover his weak approaches with lockdown and projectile assists. Fused Zamasu can stand more on his own but not completely, as he can’t effectively lock opponents down without help of assists or meter. But most importantly, both characters feature enough unique mechanics to justify their slots as DLC characters, and are respectable and worthy additions to the game’s roster.

Featured Image Via Flickr / steamXO

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