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Uber Introduces Audio Recording Feature in Kenya: Enhancing Safety and Security for Drivers and Riders

Uber Introduces Audio Recording Feature in Kenya: Enhancing Safety and Security for Drivers and Riders
Photo: Uber
Uber, the renowned ride-sharing company, is making significant strides in enhancing safety and security for both drivers and riders in Kenya. In a bid to address safety concerns and prioritize the well-being of its users, Uber is officially expanding its Audio Recording feature to the Kenyan market. This innovative addition to Uber’s safety toolkit allows users to record audio during their trips, empowering them to share crucial information with the Uber Support team in case of safety incidents. The introduction of this feature is part of Uber’s ongoing commitment to ensuring a safe and secure experience for everyone using their platform.

Addressing Safety Incidents: The Need for Uber’s Audio Recording

Uber has recognized the importance of tackling safety challenges that may arise during trips. In the past, the transportation industry, including Uber, has faced incidents of criminal attacks on drivers and passengers. To address these concerns, Uber has developed the Audio Recording feature, allowing both drivers and passengers to record trip audio directly through the safety toolkit. This audio recording can be shared with the Uber Support team when reporting a safety incident, providing valuable evidence and contributing to a more comprehensive investigation.

Privacy and Data Safety: Encryption and Limited Access

Uber places a strong emphasis on user data safety and privacy. To ensure confidentiality, all audio recordings will be encrypted before being stored on the user’s device. This encryption ensures that neither the user nor anyone else can access or listen to the recording while it remains on the device. Only the Uber Support team will have access to the recording if the user chooses to share it during the process of reporting a safety incident. This approach prioritizes user privacy and ensures that audio recordings are handled with utmost confidentiality.

How to Use the Uber Audio Recording Feature

Uber Introduces Audio Recording Feature in Kenya: Enhancing Safety and Security for Drivers and Riders


The process of using Uber’s Audio Recording feature is simple and user-friendly. Users can set up the feature by tapping on the shield icon located on the map. Once the feature is activated, riders will receive a notification in their app informing them that audio may be recorded during their trip. During a trip, users can initiate or stop audio recording by accessing the safety toolkit and using the designated start and stop buttons for recording. This seamless functionality ensures that users can easily capture audio evidence in case of any safety concerns. Success in South Africa: Expansion to Kenya Uber has already launched the Audio Recording feature successfully in South Africa, where over 3,400 drivers and 80,000 riders have utilized this safety-enhancing tool. The positive reception of the feature in South Africa highlights its potential benefits and effectiveness in improving safety measures on the Uber platform. Building on this success, Uber is now extending the Audio Recording feature to the Kenyan market, further demonstrating its commitment to safety and security across multiple regions.


With the introduction of the Audio Recording feature in Kenya, Uber is taking a proactive approach to prioritize the safety and security of its users. This new addition to Uber’s safety toolkit empowers both drivers and riders to record trip audio and share it with the Uber Support team in the event of safety incidents. The encryption of audio recordings and limited access by the support team ensure user privacy and data safety. By expanding the Audio Recording feature to Kenya, Uber is demonstrating its commitment to providing a secure and reliable transportation experience for everyone. With this powerful safety tool in place, Uber is reinforcing its dedication to fostering trust and confidence among its users in Kenya and beyond.
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