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Video Game Sold For $55,093 On eBay

A lucky gamer spent has spent an incredible amount of money to buy a very rare video game for an old generation console from an even luckier gamer. An auction for Stadium Events, one of the rarest games in existence on the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), took place this week and the winning bid was an outstanding $55,093.

Stadium Events was released in North America approximately 30 years ago and was originally designed to work with Family Fun Fitness Mat, a floor pad game controller with twelve pressure sensors in between two pieces of plastic for the NES. The game allowed the player to take part in four Olympic sporting events: the long jump, the 100m sprint, 110m hurdles, and the triple jump. However, what makes the game so rare is that only a few hundred copies of Stadium Events were sold in North America before eventually the game was pulled out of and rebranded as World Class Track Meet.

A few Nintendo fanatics on a quest to find rare Nintendo collectibles bought the game in the Nintendo Quest documentary for the large sum of $4,050. The game was found by the seller’s mother in a thrift store in Queens, New York and was brought for him as a surprise gift, the seller explained in a YouTube video that his mother did not know the value of the product and simply bought it believing that her son would like to play with it. “My mum always buys things for me, and she thought that [Stadium Events] this might be something that I would like, probably would open it up and play it. But she also knows I like video games, and I would be happy if this had no value, I’d say thanks Mum, but at the same time this one did have value.”

Apparently, one of the reasons this copy of the game was sold for so much more than the one in the Nintendo Quest documentary was due to the game still being in its original box and having all of the materials that came with it. The bidding on the game started at $9,000 and after four days, the bidding reached $15,000. A previous copy of the game was sold back in 2015 for $35,100 and a factory sealed NTSC version of the game was sold for $41,300 back in 2010. For all gamers who still have games and accessories from the early days of video games, you may want to check your collection, you never know just how valuable something may be. Happy gaming!

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