Currently there is no “standard” price for video games in 2017, and for developers, publishers, and fans that is actually a good thing. Depending on whether the game is used, new, or old as well as depending on what system it is on video game prices can range from as low as $10-$60. Prices can also vary depending on special editions, limited editions, and special pre-order bundles, some games are even free depending on the company and content of the game. Nowadays even newer games such as the newly released Sonic Mania was only $19.99 on the Nintendo Switch, and Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice was released for $29.99 on both retail and online stores.

Some are not happy about these low priced video games, a SteamSpy article recently claimed that indie games (which have become especially popular lately with titles such as Five Night’s At Freddy’s and Little Nightmares having gained a lot of popularity) are priced too cheaply. The founder of SteamSPy had this to say in response the article about indie games, “This is especially true for pre-orders, I see many indie companies offering discounts for pre-orders, sometimes going as high as 33 percent. Why would you charge your most loyal fans less? Maybe, instead of asking for a lower price, add more value to the pre-order, like the big guys are doing? … They’re pre-ordering your title not because it’s cheap, but because they believe in you and want you to succeed, so let them help you.”

The prices overall depend on the companies and their choice on which price to sell the game at, prices also depend on many different factors such as having a game that was a huge success previously, which is the case when it comes to games such as Braid, and The Witness. SteamSpy also reminds gamers not to expect a lot from a game even if they paid a good amount for it, the content of the game and the buyer liking the content of the game doesn’t necessarily depend on the price. This is actually good news for games because it means that gamers will not always have to spend a large amount of money on a game in order to enjoy it, Polygon compares it to spending money on a movie ticket just because you buy a ticket to a movie that everyone has been saying is amazing and is sure to be the movie of the year doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be a good movie. Remember gamers, be sure to spend your money wisely when buying video games, a high price tag doesn’t always mean good content, buy a game you enjoy. Happy gaming!

Featured Image via Wikimedia Commons