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W2K18 Video Game To Celebrate John Cena’s 15-Year Career

One of Wrestling’s most famous contenders is going to celebrate his 15th year in wrestling and the next installment of the 2K wrestling video game series is here to help him.

Standing at 6’ 1” and weighing in at 251 lbs, you know him, you love him, but you can’t see him, it’s the one, the only, JOHN CENA!! The famous wrestler who has won 16 WWE world championships will have a collector’s edition celebrating his 15 year wrestling career, the collection will be known as, The Cena (Nuff) Edition and will include the video game, Season Pass digital content, playable WWE Legends, John Cena Rivals Batista and Rob Van Dam, playable John Cena characters from ECW One Night Stand and WrestleMania 26, the Kurt Angle Pack with Access to WWE “American Hero” and ECW “Wrestling Machine” playable characters, and of course John Cena himself.

The special edition also comes with an exclusive Mattel John Cena/Cena Nuff action figure featuring Cena and a Cena (Nuff) T-shirt; Fanatics Limited Edition Commemorative Plaque with a piece of the ring mat from his 16th WWE Championship at Royal Rumble, WWE SuperCard limited edition in-game cards featuring John Cena, Batista and Rob Van Dam, and finally a hand signed photo from John Cena himself all sealed in premium packaging.

Chris Snyder, vice president of marketing at 2K, had this to say about both John Cena and the special edition, “Whether you love him or love to hate him, there is no denying the hustle, dedication and impact of a guy like John Cena. There will never be anyone else like him — a testament to his character and our Be Like No One campaign — and it makes him the perfect fit to honor with a fun, yet memorable collector’s edition that’s a must-have for any WWE fan.” Unlike regular copies of the game, which will feature Seth Rollins on the cover, the WWE 2K18 Cena (Nuff) Edition will have 15 years made up of John Cena’s various quotes on the cover. Only 30,000 copies of the special edition will be sold worldwide, and will retail at a hefty $149.99, but if you’re a wrestling fan who has enjoyed John Cena since he first stepped into the ring then this edition may be right for you, but for all you casual fans who love Cena and wrestling but aren’t going to spend that much money on the collection the normal edition is set to release alongside the special edition on October 17th. Happy gaming and happy 15 years John Cena!

Featured Image via Wikimedia Commons

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The future of technological innovation is here. Be the first to discover the latest advancements, insights, and reviews. Join us in shaping the future.