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WhatsApp Dark Mode has arrived but it isn’t that dark

WhatsApp Dark mode

Just two months ago, there were many speculations that the WhatsApp dark mode will arrive. Now, it has arrived for the beta testing on Android. It is quite amazing and good for your eyes at night in comparison to white and green. However, the main problem with it is that it isn’t dark enough.  

The first issue is the main background of the app. It’s dark greenish grey instead of black. It looks fine; however, you want an AMOLED screen to have fully black pixels so that they don’t eat your battery.  

A fully black background will miss out on the WhatsApp wallpaper. However, that’s a small price to pay. Even if you choose the darkest color, it isn’t black. If you want a completely black background, you need to select a black image as your wallpaper.  

After that, there is a problem with the text, which is white and hard on the eyes. A little light shade would have been way better, and you wouldn’t have to decrease the screen’s brightness. However, the color of messages is a bit similar to the background. Moreover, the speech bubbles are quite clear to see, which makes it easy to follow the conversation. A black background would undoubtedly increase the overall contrast.  

The next problem is with the emojis. All of them are bright yellow. It would have been way better if they had a little lighter color for the WhatsApp dark mode. There should have been some shade of blue in it. Although it seems too much work, the dark mode has already taken too much time 

WhatsApp emojis

WhatsApp dark mode is in beta testing, so the company could make some final changes before launching the feature.

Moreover, the APK files also include menu options, which indicate that there might be a possibility to choose between two dark modes. One of them will be specifically for AMOLED displays. Let’s hope that the company increases the dark shades too.  

Companies other than WhatsApp are also introducing the dark mode. We hope that Facebook launches its dark mode soon 

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