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Who2K Video game Tournament In Philadelphia Comes With A Cash Prize

The video game industry has given rise to a competitive nature amongst gamers, with many tournaments held in various places around the world where gamers meet to compete and see who’s the best of the best. eSports has become one of the most popular genre of video games in which players compete in, eSports are games that center around sports games such as the NBA 2K, Madden, and Fifa series.

To compete in these kinds of tournaments you will need to have a lot of experience playing these kinds of games as some of the most skilled players may be competing. In Philadelphia, one video game lover named James Nix hosts his own monthly eSports tournament where up to 40 players meet in a private location and compete against each other for cash prizes. The tournament is known as “WhoRunPhilly2K” and was created by Nix simply because he wanted to create an environment where he and other competitive video game players can come out and enjoy themselves, “I just figured why not create something where I can turn it into not just a great competitive video game tournament, but also something positive where the players can come and have a good time once a month.”

The next tournament will be held on July 29th and the August tournament will be held on August 19th with the location only being revealed to those who enter the tournament. Nix has stated that the main purpose behind the tournaments is to strengthen the community through the use of interest players from 11 to 40 all have in common instead of simply as Nix states, “just standing on corner or staying in the house bored.” The tournament will primarily focus on the NBA 2K and Madden sports games, the upcoming July tournament will focus on NBA 2K17 and the August one will focus on Madden 2017 and each event will have a top cash prize of $500. Nix has attracted an incredible amount of attention for his tournament, one of gamers, “Dubby” is the six-time Madden winner and has showcased his skills on a national level by becoming the Madden Bowl Champion (the game played on the NFL network leading up to the Super Bowl) this year and has won over $200,000 from EA Sports. Another gamer “Lil” is the NBA 2K champion and has attended every single tournament Nix has held since it began. However, even if you’re not a champion gamer like Dubby or Lil, Nix welcomes everyone to his tournament and promises a good time for everyone, and maybe some will follow from Nix’s example and start tournaments in their own communities to strengthen everyone’s bond as well.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Maya Asregadoo

    August 25, 2018 at 3:54 am

    $200,000! That’s impressive.

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