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Why you should wait until Amazon Prime Day to buy a laptop

Laptop deals on Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day is set for October 13 this year, and if you want to buy laptops, you should wait until this special day.

Amazon Prime Day has amazing deals on everything, from clothes to books, electronics to furniture, and even computers.

Now there is no need to spend $1000 on a laptop. You can upgrade your machine at a more affordable price.

With the release of 11th generation Intel Tiger Lake CPUs, retailers are looking to clear their older laptops, which is a perfect opportunity to get some amazing deals.
Now, you might be worried about getting the laptop with the last generation’s tech. However, the 10th generation laptops aren’t that much powerful than their predecessors.

Intel announced to discontinue the production of its eighth-generation CPUs this year. So you can expect the remaining inventory to go on sale for fire-sale prices this month. So, if you aren’t a laptop enthusiast who always goes for the best technology, you should buy the 8th generation laptops as they will be extremely powerful with a cut-price for Amazon Prime Day.

Gaming laptops will also be available with great deals on Prime Day. Nvidia has recently announced the RTX-3000-series GPUs. So there will be a push to move last-gen gaming laptops to make room for what Nvidia has in store for the next few months.

You shouldn’t expect laptops with Geforce RTX 2080 Super GPU to suddenly drop in prices. However, you are never sure about Prime Day. There will certainly be laptops with slightly less powerful GPUs with big price cuts.

Some of the best gaming laptops you can expect to see on Amazon Prime Day are Gigabytes Aorus 5 and the Dell G5 15 SE, and the Dell Inspiron 5000.

Dell Inspiron 5000

With a mix of Intel and AMD CPUs, there were cheap gaming laptops before this special day. However, they will be even cheaper on 13 October. So, Amazon Prime Day is the perfect time to buy a new laptop.

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