Like every other month, Xbox Live has released their batch of games available for Games with Gold in June. Here are the games you can play for free if you have Xbox Live Gold:

Available from June 1 to June 30:


Play against your friends or in single player mode in this four-player competitive platform runner! But don’t get behind, because once you are off the screen you will blow up! You are able to play both online and locally at the same time. In single player mode, the player can compete against AI and can also use them when playing against other. Weapons like grappling hooks, boxes, drills, and freeze rays can cause opponents to slow down or be pulled behind. With the ability to make your own maps to publish, there are no limits to what you can do in this game. It was released April 19 of last year for PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and created by tinyBuild GAMES. Its regular cost is $14.99. More information can be found on tinyBuild GAMES’ official website.

Phantom Dust (Multiplayer Content Pack):

Phantom Dust is the remastered version of an older Xbox game where players use cards in order to gain skills to use in either single player mode or in competitive multiplayer mode. Instead of Phantom Dust being simply a card game, though, players can use the cards’ abilities in “third-person arena combat,” according to the Phantom Dust Microsoft store page. The Multiplayer Content Pack includes three copies of skills from the Psycho, Optical and Nature schools. Psycho skills include telekinesis, Optical skills include the ability to control light and Nature skills include using the environment to create powerful attacks that can affect all players (and yourself). The original Phantom Dust was released in 2004, and the remastered version came out just a little less than a month ago, according to the trailer on the Xbox official YouTube channel. While the base game is available for free in the Microsoft store, the Multiplayer Content Pack can be bought for $14.99.

Available from June 1 to June 15:

Assassin’s Creed III (Backwards Compatibility):

One of the Backwards Compatibility games available this month is Assassin’s Creed III. Taking place in America during the brink of the American Revolutionary War, the player assumes the role of Connor, an assassin who is trying to protect his the people of the colonies from the British empire. Like other Assassin’s Creed games, you play in an open world environment with the choice of how to kill your enemies. Connor will also team up with some of America’s most legendary heroes to conspire against the British. The game is available for $19.99 without Xbox Live Gold and more information on it can be found on the official Ubisoft website.

Available from June 16 to July 15:

Watch Dogs:

Players take on the persona of Aiden Pearce, who wants revenge against his the criminals who caused tragedy in his family. Pearce himself is a former criminal and a hacker, giving players the ability to hack into the Central Operating System of Chicago to find out information about civilians, hack cameras to shut them down, mess with traffic lights and more. This open world environment also allows you to choose how to stop or kill your enemies, making this and Assassin’s Creed III great gaming picks for this month. Watch Dogs is available for $14.50 on Amazon, and more information about the game can also be found on the official Ubisoft website.

Dragon Age: Origins:

The other Backwards Compatibility game available for this month is Dragon Age: Origins. Players take on one of the last members of the Grey Wardens, a group of warriors dedicated to protecting the land of Thedas from monsters. When an archdemon returns and your kingdom fighting a civil war starts leading to an event called the Blight, the Grey Warden must save the day. With immense player customization, game-changing decisions made, and intense combat, players will find themselves heavily immersed in this world of lore. Dragon Age: Origins can be found on Amazon for $13.49 and more information can be found on the Dragon Age: Origins official website.

Which game will you play this June?

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons.