Microsoft has begun posting teaser trailers for the mysterious Project Scorpio set to be unveiled at E3. Project Scorpio is a new console being developed by Microsoft and is set to be the new successor to the current Xbox One console. One of the trailers depicts several people sitting down to play a game on the Xbox One, once they pick up the controller the gamers seem to go into a trance and a series of images flashes through their mind, they then come out of the trance and the lights around them dim as the phrase “Feel True Power” appears on screen with the Xbox logo underneath. To most people watching this trailer it may simply seem as though Microsoft is trying to get gamers excited for the release of their new system, however, fans have already begun speculating about what this trailer could truly mean as well as any hidden messages inside of the trailer.

Twitter users discovered that in one of the images flashing in the trailer, the message “6>4” can be seen on a tent next to a Ferris wheel, fans speculate that this is a reference to the 6 teraflops of power Microsoft’s Project Scorpio will have in comparison to its rival console the PlayStation 4 Pro’s 4 teraflops of power. The technology behind Project Scorpio is available on the official Xbox website and has confirmed that the console will have 6 teraflops GPU as well as, 12 GB GDDR5 Memory, 326 GB/s Memory Bandwidth, 2.3 GHz Custom CPU, 4K UHD Blue-ray/DVD, HDR Games & Entertainment, 1TB Storage, and True 4k Gaming.

The technology behind Xbox’s Project Scorpio shows that it may truly be the world’s most powerful console ever created, Microsoft has stated that they have used a method known as the Hovis Method, which according to them is “a cutting edge digital power delivery system that custom tunes each console’s voltage.” In another teaser, the message “X10S101-317” can be seen displayed on stage with a crowd of people.

Fans have speculated that this could be the potential release date for the new console, fans have removed the “X10S” and believe that the remaining “101317” could mean October 13th 2017 as a potential release date for the console. Fans speculate that this could be the release date due to the date’s closeness to holiday time and consistency with the Xbox One’s Friday launch. The Xbox’s Project Scorpio is still shrouded in mystery, but all is set to be revealed on Sunday June 11th during the Xbox E3 briefing live on Twitter, those who retweet the trailer teaser post on Twitter will receive a tune-in reminder. Be sure to tune in to find out more about Xbox’s Project Scorpio. Happy gaming!

Featured Image via Flickr/Bagogames

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