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Yamaha MusicCast Bar 400 Review & Expectations: a 4K enabled soundbar?

Soundbars are still a device that hasn’t become a regularity for many customers. And, out of all soundbar makers in the market, Yamaha would probably not be a buyer’s first choice. But it does make sense – a company that has dedicated itself to create a big part of its tech catalog around excellent sound performance would be the ideal to make a good soundbar. The MusicCast Bar 400 might be one that convinces some customers to delve into these kinds of gadgets.

First of all, the item is quite stylish and will probably not draw too much attention to its placing, which is rare for its kind. The device offers a 4K HDMI input, a separate HDMI input and an analog input for older TVs. The 4K feature has caught many people’s attention, as not many soundbars in the market offer that option. It has multiroom capacities via Wifi and Bluetooth and can decode both Dolby Digital and DTS.

It is also a ground-breaker for Yamaha, as this is the first MusicCast to offer surround sound with pairing of other devices. It can also be connected and controlled with Alexa, which comes in handy for many Amazon users.

Since the device will not be out until September, there is still little information out about the device. However, the few things we do know make this bar exciting and build anticipation for its release. The only thing many customers are not to psyched about is its price, 500$, as some believe that money could be better spent in other sound systems. But, if the device fully delivers on its promises, then it would definitely be worth its cost. Maybe Yamaha will even attempt to raise its product’s potential popularity by lowering the price. If anything, the MusicCast could be somewhat of a change for the industry, and one that shouldn’t be overlooked in the near future.

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