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A New, Amazing Looking Video Game Is About Fishing!

Gamers! Are you ready for the most exciting video that’s going to hit stores this year? This upcoming game will feature fights against amazing sea creatures with your own unique hook weapon! Sounds amazing right? For those of you who have never heard anything of this upcoming masterpiece of a game, it’s known as Fishing Planet and will center around fishing for the perfect catch.

All jokes aside, the game actually does center around fishing and features amazing graphics and will center around fishing but the trailer makes the game look very dramatic. In the two-minute trailer for Fishing Planet we see a man holding a fishing rod intently, ready to reel in his fishing line at the slightest tug at the wire, the camera then pans across the beautiful environment and shows a clear lake near snow-capped mountains and then the scene changes to a swamp with tall trees and we see a bright green fishing lure slowly sinking underwater as intense rock music begins to play as the lure sinks deeper into the water.

Fishing Planet debuted in August 2015 and comes from an indie game studio, though because of the graphics it does not look like it, the game was a free-to-play early access title for Linux/SteamOS, Mac and Windows PC, the trailer confirms that the game will be released August 29th 2017 on PlayStation 4 and will still be free to play. Fishing Planet will also support the PlayStation 4 Pro (which is hinted due to the trailer being available in 4K resolution) the game will be a first-person fishing simulator, with a dozen fishing spots that will be based on real-life locations as well as having more than 70 species of fish and just to make the fishing more interesting the game is said to include a “complex fish AI system” which hints that these fish will be elusive and will also put up a fight when they are being fished for. Fishing Planet will also offer online multiplayer fishing, including tournaments and PvP gaming. Fishing Planet is set to release as a free to play title August 29th 2017 and will bring all the fun of the leisure activity of fishing right into your home so for you gamers who also love to fish and those of you who have never tried the activity, this game may be the perfect catch for you. Happy gaming!

Featured Image via Wikimedia Commons

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