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A Revolutionary iPhone 8 Feature Leaked

Apple’s newest rumored iPhone has been grabbing the attention of consumers around the world. Many rumors about the new iPhone have been spreading quickly. One of the more significant rumors of the new iPhone is the design. With the new anticipated Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 smartphones being released in the next month so and the next-generation LG G6 being announced in approximately a week, the next iPhone 8 will face much opposition when it is released. Naturally, consumers around the world are looking up to Apple to produce a new phone that would revolutionize Apple’s position in the smartphone industry.

Several key enhanced features that Apple may include in its new model is a larger size and design. The next major iPhone is rumored to measure 5.8 inches, making it slightly larger than the iPhone 7 plus. Along with a larger size and a new display, rumors suggest that the back of the new iPhone will be made of glass on the back and stainless steel on the sides, replacing the traditional aluminum body. But, one of Apple’s most large-scale changes involves removing the Home button and replacing it with a button that is situated under the iPhone’s display, suggesting that Apple will use a fully touch interface. In fact, Apple may not include any physical models in the newest iteration of the iPhone. Instead, Apple is planning to use touch-sensitive portions of metals for the volume/lock buttons. On the bottom of the iPhone, Apple will include a virtual Touch Bar that would display buttons relative to the app the user is using. Furthermore, Touch ID will continue to exist as Apple will most likely implement an embedded fingerprint sensor into the screen.  These new features may prove to initiate a new era of smartphones: one where buttons are no longer needed and the touch screen capabilities of the phone will allow a fully touch structure to be functional.

Although Samsung and LG’s new Android handsets will surely create ‘commotion’ when they are released, but Apple takes the crown of generating hype. According to a comparison of global search traffic on google for the three phones, it is evident that iPhone 8 has been the most searched of the three in the past several years. After another recent release of a new feature, searches for the iPhone 8 have been increasing.

On top of the embedded fingerprint sensor in the screen, Apple is rumored to be adding a new advanced facial recognition feature that would solidify security by adding another layer. This rumor originated from KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the world’s most accurate Apple insider, who also said “facial recognition and security features are just the tip of the iceberg.”  Kuo went on to say that the iPhone 8 will feature a “revolutionary new front-facing camera and infrared sensor module that scans the 3D environment in front of it.” What makes it so revolutionary is that Apple plans to use these new features in various apps, such as games, allowing the user to experience a hands-on perspective in the app. The possibility of a new 3D camera on the iPhone 8 is low, but the possibilities are practically endless as the new infrared sensor module would allow for much greater augmented reality and advanced 3D scans of reality may create a virtual world on the phone.


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The future of technological innovation is here. Be the first to discover the latest advancements, insights, and reviews. Join us in shaping the future.