Ever wanted a small music player that connects to your Spotify account to play music? Look no further, the Mighty is around the size of an iPod Shuffle and connects to your Spotify account and can hold 1,000 songs. It costs a little more than an iPod Shuffle, though, but considering that the iPod Shuffle can only hold iTunes Store songs, the $86 cost may be worth it.

“Mighty represents a new way to enjoy streaming music offline, and delivers an experience that our users have been asking for,” says Spotify Head of Global Hardware Partnerships, Ian Geller in a press release on the Mighty. “We’re proud to partner with an innovative company like Mighty to deliver a new experience for our joint users.”

The Mighty is both Bluetooth and WiFi enabled to sync music but songs can still be played without the use of WiFi as long as the songs have already been synced from an offline Spotify playlist. It also comes in three colors, which are Lola Black, Shikaka White, and Crush Orange.

“From Sony’s Walkman to Apple’s iPod, music lovers have embraced the portable music player for the past four decades,” says Founder and CEO Anthony Mendelson in a press release on the Mighty. “With the evolution of music from downloads to streaming, MP3 players of the past are no longer a viable option for taking your music on-the-go. Mighty is the first portable player that allows you to experience streaming music offline without a phone. And Mighty is WiFi-enabled, so it’s super simple to update your playlists and listen to fresh tunes.”

The company behind the Mighty, Mighty Audio, launched a campaign on Kickstarter for the Mighty back in February of 2016. The campaign surpassed its $250,000 goal and made $300,101 given by nearly 3,000 backers.

Originally, it seems that the Mighty was supposed to ship out in November of 2016 but was delayed. Also, the Mighty was supposed to come in the color green too but Mighty Audio switched this to the Crush Orange color they have now (it seems that the models shown were only prototypes, though). The Mighty was supposed to apparently cost under $80, but it currently costs $86.

In a comparison between the Mighty and smartphones (from the Kickstarter campaign), smartphones are “heavy, fragile, [has a] short battery, [are] expensive to fix.” When compared to the iPod Shuffle, the Shuffle “cannot stream music, [needs] cords and computer for syncing, [has] no connectivity.” This music player seems to be geared towards athletes since a clip on the device itself is available so people can stick it on clothing while they exercise.

The Mighty has received over $800,000 in pre-orders (I’m unsure if this includes the over $300,000 it made from the Kickstarter, but I’m assuming it is) according to a press release for the Mighty. During the campaign, Mighty Audio had not yet entered into anything official with Spotify and were only discussing a potential agreement, but they have seemed to enter a partnership since then.

Mighty Audio was created in late 2015 by several people who have worked in the music and technology industry. The Mighty is the company’s first official product that has been released. Along with the Mighty music player, the Mighty app is currently available in app stores that helps you organize your playlist on the Mighty.

Orders for the Mighty will be shipped on July 30. It will also be available on Amazon on other sellers, but for now the Mighty is only available on Mighty Audio’s official website. The Mighty is still available for purchase, so get yours before they sell out!

Featured image via the Mighty Press Kit.