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Amazon leads LinkedIn’s best places to work list, jobseekers prioritize workplace culture.

According to layoffs, almost 171,000 tech workers have been laid off this year.FYI, job seekers aren’t “beggars can’t be choosers.” According to LinkedIn research, people choose companies that correspond with their values, including diversity and skill progression, not simply salary.

Amazon topped the company’s annual best places to work list, while Alphabet slid from number two to number five. The eighth-year rankings show how people’s priorities are changing.

The rankings are based on practical measures like how many people were laid off and how organizations performed on softer and cultural skills, which it said predict how long a worker will stay at a company.

Thus, “company stability” (companies had to have less than 10% workforce layoffs in the past year to qualify), growth and learning opportunities, equity in the workplace, and strong company culture are “of growing importance for job seekers as they prioritize organizations that align with their values.” Eight factors: the ability to advance, skills growth, firm stability, external opportunity, corporate affinity, gender diversity, educational background, and staff presence in the country.

LinkedIn’s conclusion: This more comprehensive picture of workplaces has become more of the norm regarding where people tend to work, especially in a tight labor market where hundreds of thousands of people are being laid off due to worsening economic conditions.

Accordingly, LinkedIn launched a new job search tool using the data.

They can now filter for workplaces with DEI, professional progression and learning, work-life balance, social impact, and environmental sustainability policies. LinkedIn Learning also offers free classes to assist people in finding jobs.

Only Apple, at number eight, joined Amazon and Alphabet in the top 10. LinkedIn and its owner Microsoft were purposely excluded. Twitter, Facebook owner Meta, Netflix, and Samsung are all absent.

AT&T ranked sixth, while ThoughtWorks was ninth. Banks, UnitedHealth Group, and Kaiser Permanente also made the top 10. The whole list is below, with more comprehensive rankings and explanations here.

LinkedIn adapts to the employment game, whatever its rules.

LinkedIn, with 900 million users, has been a platform for knowledge economy job seekers for decades. It has tried to adapt to the socioeconomic wave in recent years.

LinkedIn added features to help companies identify remote jobs during the COVID-19 outbreak.

After the layoffs tsunami, many LinkedIn users adopted the “open to work” badge to quickly and visually indicate to recruiters that they were open to job offers.

The fundamental question is whether cultural values are a symptom of our times or will stay a permanent priority among jobseekers, changing the wider picture for how recruiters can capture the greatest potential—and what “talent” will look like—in the future.


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The future of technological innovation is here. Be the first to discover the latest advancements, insights, and reviews. Join us in shaping the future.