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Snapchat’s AI chatbot is free for global users and promises to “Snap” you back.

Photo Credit: Snapchat

At its Snap Partner Summit, Snapchat announced that its AI chatbot is now available worldwide. Snapchat’s paying subscribers may communicate with an OpenAI GPT-powered chatbot in February. Free now. Snap said the chatbot sends over 2 million messages every day. Today’s global expansion adds new features like adding My AI to group conversations, getting Snap Map and Lens recommendations, sharing Snaps with My AI, and receiving chat replies.

To continue the visual dialogue, the business said My AI could send “generative” Snaps instead of chat replies.

AI was added to Snapchat to give users another option to interact with the app and capitalize on consumer desire for ChatGPT-like experiences. For example, the business advised using the function to suggest birthday gifts for a BFF, schedule a hike, offer supper recipes, or write a poem for a pal.

Snap’s AI went awry. The Washington Post detected dangerous bot responses days after its launch. First, the bot suggested ways to hide booze and cannabis smells during a birthday party even though the user was 15. Then, it authored the teen’s school essay. When notified the user was 13, the bot answered a question about setting the mood for first intercourse.

Snap stated users were trying to “trick the chatbot into providing responses that do not conform to our guidelines” and introduced age filters to make AI responses more age-appropriate.

It also claimed it would add insights to its Family Center parental controls hub to help parents and guardians monitor their kids’ bot interactions.

Snap hasn’t launched the Family Center controls yet, merely saying they’re in development.
Meanwhile, the business is adding the chatbot to group chats with pals with a @ mention to appeal to younger users. The bot will enter the chat with a glitter next to its name to distinguish it from other group members.
The AI will propose Lenses and places. For example, Snap says it may suggest weekend activities or a nice Lens to wish a pal happy birthday.

It may now converse back to your Snaps and afterward respond visually. Even though My AI is now free, Snapchat+ users can only use the function.

At today’s Partner Summit, Snap CEO Evan Spiegel hinted that customers who took photos of their dogs would receive a funny dog photo as a generative response.

“Or if you send a Snap of your garden vegetables, My AI might recommend a recipe,” he continued. “We’re excited to see how our community accepts my AI.”

Generative safety controls are unclear. Another problem is that Lensa AI and other generative AI software can be misled into producing NSFW photos.

Name and Bitmoji customization for My AI will also be added.

Before today, only subscribers of Snapchat+ $3.99 per month could use the functionality, which may encourage upgrades. Snapchat+ has over 3 million subscribers, Snap announced today. However, specific AI functions will be chargeable upgrades.

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The future of technological innovation is here. Be the first to discover the latest advancements, insights, and reviews. Join us in shaping the future.