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Amazon’s Echo Is The #1 Amazon Prime Day Best Seller

Amazon’s highly anticipated Prime Day, where Amazon offers large discounts on their products commenced yesterday on July 11th and Amazon’s decision to offer a discount on their voice powered speaker seems to be paying off well for the company.

The Amazon Echo was declared as Amazon’s most popular and best-selling item on Prime Day this year and was reported to have sold twice as many units than last year’s Prime Day Sale and more than three times as many units worldwide. The company believed the Amazon Echo Dot, a smaller voice powered speaker, would’ve been the most likely to sell out at first, however, both products have been in high demand due to the interest in Alexa-powered products.

The Amazon Echo was first released in 2014 exclusively to Prime members before being widely released in June 2015. Prime Day reportedly began early this year on Monday 9PM ET and was expanded to up to 13 countries this year an increase from last years 10. This expansion to different countries and the early start of the sale seems to have played a big part in increasing Amazon’s sales this year. Internet Retailer estimates the Amazon will top $2 billion in Prime sales this year, a 20% increase from Prime 2016 where sales had a 3x increase in Amazon device sales and a 2.5x increase in sales in the U.S. for Amazon Echo speaker.

The increase in sale hours also played a part in the company’s increase in sales, Prime Day of 2017 lasted for 30 hours in comparison to Prime Day of 2016’s 24-hour sale. The Echo’s sales topped Amazon’s charts as of 4AM on Tuesday and became the best selling Amazon item in the U.S. Amazon’s major price cuts attracted even those who did not have Prime accounts, Amazon received a 20% increase in the Amazon Prime subscriptions from Prime Day 2016.

The original Amazon Echo received a 50% price cut to $89.99, The Amazon Echo Dot had $15 cut from it’s original $49.99 price. The other top bestsellers besides the Amazon Echo were the Echo Dot and the new Fire 7 tablet, currently the top three best selling items are the Amazon Echo Dot in black, the Amazon Echo Dot in white, and the Amazon Echo in white. The technology section of Amazon was the most shopped in section due to the voice controlled speakers and has even been offering bundles such as the Echo Dot/Phillips Hue Starter Kit. For those of you who still wish to purchase the speakers, Prime Day is currently over but the products are still available at their original retail prices, and be sure to sign up for Amazon Prime for deals throughout the year, faster shipping, and to be able to enjoy all the amazing deals next year during Amazon’s Prime Day sale.

Featured Image via Flickr/magerleagues

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