Samsung and their rival company Apple have been turning huge profits, Samsung had a very successful holiday quarter last year in spite of the incident concerning the Galaxy Note 7 that resulted in the company losing billions in lost sales and cleanup expenses.

Samsung made up for the loss with two successful first and second quarters that occurred this year, sales from their popular Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ devices as well as their sales of memory chips, processors, display panels, and other key components have been selling very well. Samsung states that Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8 will only contribute to their success.

However, Apple seems to have major tricks up their sleeve that will not only change the future of iPhones but also lead to billions of lost sales for Samsung. Reports have stated that Apple is already taking steps toward an OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) future and the company would become far less reliant on Samsung, Apple intends to integrate OLED display in to their iPhone 8 for the first time ever and Samsung will be supplying Apple with OLED supplier as Samsung is currently the only company able to meet Apple’s demands. However, Apple will be taking steps to move away from Samsung entirely as a panel display supplier, Apple has purchased its own chemical vapor deposition machines from the South Korean company known as Sunic System in order to begin developing their own OLED display panels.

OLED is a flat light emitting technology that is made by placing thin organic pieces of film between two conductors (the conductors in this case being the phone’s wiring and the screen itself) and when electrical current is applied, a bright light is given off allowing for use in creating displays and lighting. The OLEDs do not require backlight and will give off a brighter and clearer display when used. Even if the company ends up not making their own OLED panels the equipment they have purchased is a key component in creating OLED panels and Apple has purchased and leased this kind of equipment in the past and worked with other manufacturing partners in order to create and perfect components to their devices. If Apple develops their own OLED display screens, it is currently unsure how it will differ from Samsung’s who currently has the best OLED smartphone display technology for smartphones. Apple’s iPhone 8 currently has no confirmed release date but is speculated to be announced September 2017 marking 10 years since company launched their first iPhone, fans speculate that the phone will have many new features and more about the phone will be released in the upcoming months.

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