The new Apple MacBook Pro is out and has been generally perceived as one massive set of upgrades to the general MacBook models. Coming in 13-inch and 15-inch lengths, the laptop displays eighth generation Intel processors, an increase in storage and RAM options and an overall improvement in style and software management.

Although there have been no large changes in the laptop’s hardware’s aesthetic style, that hasn’t been a problem for most users. Both its thickness and its camera’s placing have been left unchanged, but still overall better than other options in the market.

The device only offers four Thunderbolt 3 ports, which has been seen as a problem since not all users have the cords to match them. However, those who do have them are highly pleased with its performance, as it is fast and incredibly efficient.

Another of the most notable improvements comes in the department of color and visuals, as it displays colors in high definition. Many have recommended this laptop for streaming movies, as it manages to capture the full detail involved in detailed camerawork.

The keyboard and touchscreen, which caused controversy for some customers in earlier models, have also been modified. The laptop’s keys now have a membrane underneath them, causing for less noise and preventing them from getting stuck.

Audio functions have reportedly been improved, as this device has large potency when it comes to volume and could even be used to play audio to a large crowd. Overall performance speed is fantastic, as the laptop can withstand several programs, apps and actions working at the same time without significant consequences. It manages to do all this without losing a lot of battery, as it can go through 10 hours and 20 minutes effectively.

In the end, this MacBook is quite impressive on all departments. The only turnoff some customers may face is the fact that it’s very expensive, costing from $2,399 onward. However, if that is a price you are willing to pay, it will definitely live up to its early reputation and leave you satisfied.


  • Alyssa

    It looks like a nice laptop!

  • Maya Asregadoo

    It certainly sounds impressive!