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Apple reportedly plans to release its Vision Pro headset in March 2024

Vision Pro

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg reports that Apple will deliver its Vision Pro mixed-reality headset in March. According to reports, the tech giant intended to debut the headset in January, but it is currently finalizing distribution strategies and testing the product.

Apple officially remained on track with its release plan when it revealed the $3,499 Vision Pro in June, stating that the product would be available in early 2024.

The headset will first be available in the US before being released in other nations by the end of the year, such as the UK and Canada. Given that Apple usually hosts its spring event in March, it is probable that the tech titan will utilize the occasion to advertise the Vision Pro.

Apple refers to Vision, the operating system that powers the Vision Pro, as “the first OS designed for the ground up for spatial computing.” Apps are liberated from the confines of a conventional display thanks to the software’s three-dimensional interface.

According to Apple, all compatible iPhone and iPad apps will be automatically included in the App Store for the Vision Pro headset. Additionally, more than 100 Apple Arcade games will be playable on VisionOS upon launch.

The Vision Pro’s battery pack is separate from the headset, unlike other AR headsets available on the market. Instead, a battery pack that lasts up to two hours is connected by a line from the back. Or, for continuous use, users can plug into the wall.

The headset is equipped with a new R1 chip, which handles video streaming, and the traditional M2 chip. Thanks to micro-OLED technology, the Vision Pro fits 23 million pixels onto two panels. A component of the Vision Pro is called “EyeSight,” which projects your eyes onto a front-facing display so that others in the room can see them.

Given its price, business purchasers rather than typical consumers are the intended market for this product. The “Pro” in the device’s name seems to imply that a less expensive version may be on the way, as TechCrunch’s Brian Heater previously pointed out.

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