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Apple TV 4K will support multiview sports streaming.

Tom’s Guide (via TechCrunch) reported that Apple TV 4K would get multiview for tonight’s Friday Night Baseball games. The experimental functionality lets you view four sports broadcasts in a grid.

Apple’s multiview functionality was discovered last month by developer Steve Moser. TechCrunch says the functionality is in tvOS beta 16.5, which you can get by going to Settings > System > Software Updates > Get Beta Updates.

TechCrunch reports users may watch numerous streams by turning on a game and clicking “Add Game” in the test. From there, you may change the arrangement to magnify one game while the rest are stacked on the right or see two games side by side. In addition, TechCrunch writes that the Apple TV remote lets you adjust audio to listen to different games.

Apple isn’t the only streaming provider trying multiview. YouTube TV tested the function for sports games in March, although it looks more limited than Apple’s. You can only watch numerous games by picking from YouTube TV’s multiview bundles because you can’t tailor the multiview experience now.

Apple TV Plus will provide a multiview for tomorrow’s Major League Soccer and tonight’s MLB games. Unfortunately, apple hasn’t verified that this functionality is coming out, and it’s unclear when non-Apple TV 4K users will get it. If the corporation responds, we’ll update this post.

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