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Bing is integrated into SwiftKey for Android and iOS.

Microsoft said Thursday that SwiftKey for Android and iOS would integrate its Bing chatbot. The new connection enables users to interact with the bot from their mobile keyboard and search without switching applications.

Swiftkey has Chat, Tone, and Search for Bing. Chat lets you use the new Bing for more specific questions. In addition, the manufacturer claims the functionality is versatile. For instance, you may utilize the chat function to locate a clever pun to react to a message or to quickly find a dessert that goes well with a dish while preparing a party with friends on mobile.

The Tone function uses AI to modify text for each context to help people communicate better. Microsoft believes the tool might help you choose words for formal work correspondence or while learning a new language. The function may make sentences appear more professional, relaxed, courteous, or concise for social media.

Search lets you search the web from your keyboard without switching programs. Instead, the business suggests using it while chatting with a buddy to search for something.

SwiftKey’s new functionalities are available in all new Bing markets. In addition, the search is available to everyone. However, Tone and Chat require a Microsoft Account authorized for Bing Preview.

Microsoft said the update is ready today and will show the Bing emblem above the keyboard. From there, select Chat, Tone, or Search. Last year, Microsoft planned to shut down SwiftKey for iOS but changed its mind. Instead, Microsoft may integrate Bing into SwiftKey to boost its popularity.

Today, Skype will provide Bing in group conversations. Microsoft previewed Bing in Skype in February. As a result, group conversations now need one preview-accessible member to talk to Bing.
“This means as a group, you can use the new Bing from within the Skype app just like it on a desktop; you can use it to, for example, settle a debate, help plan a group trip, or find a restaurant for you all to meet at in person,” the firm noted in a blog post. “search for ‘’ing in Skype’’in your Skype contacts and added it to a group chat like any other contact. Like on desktop, the new Bing chat replies in the Skype app that mentions facts are cited with online links to sources so you may verify the content. In addition, Microsoft Start, its tailored news reading experience, now offers Bing.

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The future of technological innovation is here. Be the first to discover the latest advancements, insights, and reviews. Join us in shaping the future.