The Cyanide & Happiness web comic and YouTube series has announced that after entertaining viewers and readers for years with their raunchy, unpredictable, cartoon humor through their web comics, YouTube series, make-your-own comic applications, and card games, the franchise will now be working to create their own video game. The company behind the famous series, Explosm Entertainment posted a short teaser for their upcoming video game on their YouTube channel.

The trailer is narrated by John Bailey from the Honest Trailers YouTube series, the trailer shows the same animation that in used in the Cyanide and Happiness YoutTube animation shorts, the animation style is comparable to Rob DenBleyker one of the three founders on the original web-comic. The trailer shows an interactive adventure game interface, with multiple characters and items that seem as though they will play a big part in the story, such as a backpack and oven mitts the game even shows an inventory tab, which apparently will allow you to store items such as “grandma’s corpse” in your pocket. The game seems as tough it will include Cyanide & Happiness’ one-of-a kind humor as well, as they promise “intense action” in the trailer, only to show us an old lady walking toward the entrance of a retirement home, the only unusual aspect that fans seem to notice is that the main character is shown in every scene which is unusual for Cyanide & Happiness since they rarely use the same character more than once in their work.

However, some of the more popular characters who have been used multiple times make their appearance such as wilderness survival expert Ted Bear, who gives one of “expert” survival tips in the trailer, “Now, the secret to surviving out in the radioactive wild is to cover your own face with toxic sludge, so you can fit in and not draw attention to yourself.” As of now there has been announcement of which platforms the Cyanide & Happiness Game will appear on yet, but the company will start a campaign on Kickstarter on September 5th, so for fans of the franchise who want to see this game become a reality be sure to support the Explosm Entertainment and have a chance to experience the world of Cyanide & Happiness like never before. Gamers can sign up for the latest announcements on the game’s teaser website. Happy gaming!