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Dual Screen phones – Are They Worth The Hype?

Dual screen phones
credit : wikimedia

The latest innovation of modern science is the dual-screen phones. At the latest dual-screen phones gives the users a hype over choosing for the latest models of the smartphones in the market. Dual-screen phones come with the latest technologies of the sensor, and it also has an edge to edge slipped glasses. The year 2020 has brought with itself some latest innovations in technology. The smartphone brands have got on top of the innovations for technology. Thus here comes the New Year with brand new surprises. A complete dual-screen phone with dual touch sensor and dual ability.

Nubia Z20

The Nubia Z20 has a rear panel and a glossy back camera. It is almost 5.1 inches and has a 720p display. The most beautiful lightning conditions are available on the phone. The screen is seamless, and most prominently, it supports dual display features. The Nubia Z20 gets its screen divided into two for multi-tasking and multi-purpose facilities. The Nubia Z20 is quite far better than its old previous version. Moreover, the display has got an integrated fingerprint sensor.


LG’s most experimental phone with the best innovative technology is available for LG has got a dual-screen ability and is approximately like a wallet piece. It has a folding dual-screen phone and thus helps in multi-tasking. The LG G*X will be known for its best battery life. The OLED screen is of approx. 6.8 inches and has a resolution of around 1080p.

Microsoft surface DUO

The Microsoft surface duo is the best in a handy dual-screen foldable phone. It will have its processor of Qualcomm snapdragon 855, and most prominently, it will also have a 5G experience. The surface duo will be one of its types and will redefine the phrase of technology. The users will quite be profitable investing in Surface Duo.

MI MIX Alpha Dual Screen Phones

The MI MIX Alpha gives a 5D luster to a complete of its surroundings. The screen replaces the side panels of the phone. It may be launched with 5G technical support. MI MIX Alpha is the definition to explore the unexplored. The full body is surrounded by a single screen display. The presentation about the model of the phone is exquisite to watch.

Samsung Galaxy fold

Another of the best innovations by Samsung is the galaxy fold. It will be launched with a 7.1-inch infinity display and has a cutting edge overall. The fold supports a dual-screen and is quite marvelous when putting it into use. Each of its curves is slender and elegant, and it is built with an infinite number of the sensor. It’s all about experiencing the wave of smooth touch.

Vivo NEX Dual Screen Phones

The creators of Vivo are back implementing their much of creativity into the making of this brand. The Vivo NEX dual display is much better than the previous NEX version. It comes with cutting edge and sharp, smooth touch. The best qualities of the phone are that it has a great notch-less display. There would be zero effect in the display of the screen without scratches or notches. Another of its great feature is it has a class-leading selfie camera. Although it has a diverted display, both the screens can be used to taking selfies. Not only for multitasking, but the Vivo NEX also has a fun light-up screen, which ensures the satisfaction of the user.

Oppo patent Dual Screen Phones

Without any further procrastination, Oppo has brought into being another of its innovative technology. The makers of Oppo, therefore, has submitted a patent rising for the best in dual-screen phones. Oppo is undoubtedly to bring about a significant change in the history of smartphones by raising the patent into a real invention. As from the makers of Oppo, the screen would be dual display, the best of the selfie cameras, and the latest of the technologies to be used.

Thus these were the upcoming techs of dual-screen smartphones, which will make your happy new year happier. Technology, therefore, will advance with recent times, and thus, it makes life much delighted and easier. Dual-screen phones are quite the most advanced invention in the history of smartphones opening the market much wider for it.

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The future of technological innovation is here. Be the first to discover the latest advancements, insights, and reviews. Join us in shaping the future.

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The future of technological innovation is here. Be the first to discover the latest advancements, insights, and reviews. Join us in shaping the future.