“Here comes a new challenger!” A huge new challenger is approaching Street Fighter V and don’t let the name fool you he’s certainly no pushover. Abigail is a hulking fighter from the fighting game series Final Fight and he’s known as “the biggest lad in all of Metro City.”

The hulking mass of a fighter will be making his debut in Street Fighter V as part of a Season Two Character Pass on July 25th, many Street Fighter fans may not have ever hear of Abigail nor Final Fight the game from which he hails so Capcom has taken the liberty of describing a bit of just who Abigail is, “Every day is arms day for Abigail, and when he’s not busy cracking skulls he’s either driving a car or pretending to be one, utilize the potency of Abigail’s considerable belly with the ‘Hungabee’ V-Skill, charge up your heavy punch through the ‘Max Power’ V-Trigger, or drive your opponent over the finish line with Abigail’s Critical Art.”

Capcom has even stated that even though Abigail may look like a muscle-headed brute who only knows how to hit things he isn’t a “one-trick pony” according to Capcom Abigail has a V-Skill known as “Hungabee” using his belly his unique move sets such as his “Nitro Charge Run” which can be used in various different ways to either cancel of enhance it depending on the player’s use of a V-Skill, punch, or grab. Abigail’s Critical Art is also something for his opponents to fear when activated, Abigail grabs the opponent and crushing the opponent in between his arms, hanging them on an unseen object, and comically using them as a punching bag and before finally finishing them off with a brutal haymaker, sending his opponent flying into the game’s camera cracking it.

Abigail seems to also have a rage mode of some sort that increases his overall power, the transformation when triggered will cause his body to glow red and emit steam. The Season Two Character pass goes for $30 and will also include Akuma, Kolin, Ed ad two more fighter who will be announced later this year, as well as Premium Battle costumes with 3-10 colors unlocked and costume colors 3-10 unlocked for each character. He may have a rather feminine name but the hulking fighter Abigail packs a mean punch, more information about the character will be available soon at http://www.capcom-unity.com/harrisony/blog/2017/07/17/the-super-human-hot-rodder-abigail-makes-his-way-to-street-fighter-v-on-july-25th. Happy gaming!

Featured Image via Flickr/BagoGames

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