The Chord Kind Smart Dog Collar is a great invention for any dog to keep the dog at maximum happiness.  The Chord uses science to make sure this is the case.  The collar, first and foremost, marks any good behavior seen in the dog.  When the dog does this good behavior, he/she is rewarded with a gentle vibration or audible reinforcement.  After this happens, the owner should further reinforce the behavior with a treat.  This collar is different than most because unlike others that punish poor behavior (via shock), this collar rewards good behavior.  It is scientifically proven that the best reinforcement method is positive reinforcement, which Chord makes use of.  The charge lasts 2 days and only takes 30 minutes for a full charge.  Lastly, you can even monitor your dog’s progress and what a good behavior is defined as via an app downloadable in the app store.

This collar is the perfect collar for any dog, as aforementioned, it positively reinforces the good behaviors, which in turn, will deplete the bad behaviors.  The price is well worth the benefits ($189), because it automatically senses good behavior and rewards it on the spot (which is how conditioning works).  Overall, great invention and a must-have for any dog owner.

  • Maya Asregadoo

    This is a much more humane invention than shock collars.