The LaunderPal Smart Laundry Basket makes every laundry load much easier than before.  The intelligent machine comes with washable RFID tags (also known as Care Tags) that helps you identify your clothes via an app for the user’s phone.  The LaunderPal will also then determine what specific clothes are in the basket.  The Care Tags suggest the proper remedy for washing each article of clothing to keep it from shrinking, stretching, dye bleeding, or damaging your clothes.  This machine takes any guess work out of laundry and keeps each tagged article of clothing from being damaged, which happens far too often.  But look no further than the LaunderPal Smart Laundry Basket for your long-term solutions to age-old laundry problems!

This machine is brilliant.  The ability to track each individual article of clothing in the wash to keep it in tip-top shape is something that is long overdue.  The price ($111) is worth it because it keeps any and all clothing in perfect condition.  The Care Tags store information straight to the app and remember each article of clothing they’ve been tagged to, so eventually, your entire wardrobe will be on your phone! Great invention and incredibly useful!

  • Alyssa

    I mean this is cool, but is it necessary?

  • Maya Asregadoo

    I suppose that this would be helpful for thrifted or older items that either do not have care tags, or care tags which contain faded text.

  • Sharon Amaro

    Hmmm interesting but I wouldn’t think this would be helpful unless it came with a tiny washing machine?