The REVIVE Charging Cable Bracelet is a brilliant invention that will make sure your phone is always going to be charged.  Made from genuine leather and available in black, silver, and gold plating, the REVIVE Charging Cable Bracelet comes with 3 different connectors:  micro USB, USC-C, and Lightning.  Therefore, the bracelet actually can charge any iPhone or Android device.  The bracelet is water resistant, so you don’t have to worry about the bracelet breaking in the rain or in a pool.  The bracelet connects to itself via magnetic clasps that come in different colors too.

This invention is absolutely genius, as many times, charging cases can be bulky and inefficient, while portable chargers are a hassle to bring everywhere.  The REVIVE Charging Cable Bracelet combines style and utility, as the bracelet doubles as a charger.  No more are the days of forgetting a portable charger during a long car ride, because this accessory will always be on your wrist.  The $40 price tag is definitely worth it as this creation is absolutely necessary to have.