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Google claims it improved Chrome quicker on Mac and Android.

Photo: Google

Chrome is faster. Today, Google announced that its popular browser had reached a new performance milestone on Mac and Android due to many under-the-hood efficiency enhancements. Google claims a series of modifications over three months increased Chrome’s Speedometer 2.1 browser benchmark by 10%.

The business mentions enhanced caching and memory management. Caching and memory management are examples. Many will want their browser quicker, regardless of the technical specifics.

Despite customer concerns about Chrome’s increased sluggishness, Google’s browser still dominates the online browser industry. According to Statcounter’s March 2023 data, Chrome has a 64.8% global market share, while Safari has 19.5% across all platforms. In addition, Chrome has a 65.8% desktop share, followed by 11.12% for Edge and 10.91% for Safari.

Google detailed its milestone-achieving changes in a blog post.

It claimed to have optimized the popular JS `Object.prototype.toString` and `Array.prototype.join` methods. It also targeted CSS InterpolableColor enhancements. The team also created fast parsing pathways for `innerHTML,` a typical JavaScript method of modifying the DOM.

Another update improved pointer compression and memory management. This one boosts performance across frequent operations. The piece also discusses moving commonly used objects like JavaScript’s `undefined` to the beginning of memory bases for quicker machine code.

If none of those things matter to you, this might: at least one of Google’s changes will help WebKit, Apple’s browser engine used in Safari, and be incorporated into that engine. That implies more web browser users than simply Chrome may benefit.

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