It seems like people still are not fully on board with the idea of a smart speaker and home assistant that isn’t Amazon’s Alexa. However, the new Google Home Mini offers a solid alternative for it, even though it is much more similar to the Dot, due to its size and functions.

To activate the Home Mini, you have to say “OK, Google” or “Hey, Google,”, which is the same process used to access Google in smartphones. It can be used to turn smart gadgets on and off, play music and answer questions. At this point in tech development, both Google’s and Amazon’s devices are able to respond to almost every question that might cross their way. Also, if one of the devices is not smart but is connected to a Chromecast plugin, you can use the Home Mini to use Netflix and Youtube.

Although it does not have buttons to operate its music playing actions, it does have touch-based options. This makes the device look very stylish and less clunky that some other Home Assistants, but it still causes some discomfort. Some of the actions are triggered when you are merely trying to pick the device up, which can be uncomfortable. However, the design is still very stylish and actually blends in with usual house decor.

Unlike Apple’s recently released HomePod, this device doesn’t offer the audio quality of a full home audio set. However, the Home Mini does still manage to play with an impressive amount of volume, especially for its size. When compared with the Echo, some customers have argued that it definitely outshines it. Neither is the best for music playing at a full home, but the Home Mini will make an above-OK job.

Ultimately, the Home Mini is certainly a quality device, and one that can successfully cover different fields. It is neither better or worse than the Echo or Dot, just very similar and maybe a bit more functional.

Featured image via Flickr/Mack Male

  • Caroline Walker

    So many options for home speakers, but they’re great!