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Google’s new ad transparency portal will track a brand’s past campaigns.


A new Google ad transparency portal will enable consumers to search for certified advertisers and their campaigns across Search, Display, and YouTube.

This new transparency center, available via this URL and the My Ad Center page, lets you search for brand advertising, where they were shown when they ran a campaign, and the format. If advertising includes hazardous items or objectionable information, users can like, block, or report them to Google. Today, the Center begins rolling out to all users.

Last year, Google unveiled the My Ad Center site, which allows users to view ad themes, brands, and recent advertisements from Search, YouTube, and Discover. Users can remove subjects or companies or disable tailored advertisements. Remember that advertising will still appear. It won’t be personalized.

We create safer, more trustworthy, and responsible ads to safeguard our users. “With the Ads Transparency Center, you’re never in the dark regarding Google advertisements,” stated Alejandro Borgia, Director of product management for Ads Safety.
After its launch, Google stated 20% of the 70 million My Ad Center page visitors changed their ad preferences. Of course, with Google’s billion users, this isn’t surprising.

The Mountain View-based company created this transparency center so buyers can learn about unknown businesses and check if they are Google verified.

Google’s platform has been providing more brand advertising data.

Google started showing advertisers’ histories last September. The tech giant changed its mobile search “Ad” tag to “Sponsored” a month later for greater exposure. It also relocated the tag above the URL instead of next to the link address.

Google published an Ad Safety Report to combat fraudulent advertisements. As a result, the corporation banned 5.2 billion advertising, limited 4.3 billion ads, and suspended 6.7 million advertiser accounts.

Google expanded its financial service certification program to 11 countries last year, including the U.K., Australia, and Singapore. Financial fraud prevention requires advertising to obtain local authority approval to promote their products and services. Google changed or implemented 29 consumer-protecting ad rules last year.

The U.S. is scrutinizing the company’s greatest income generator, advertising. In January, the DOJ accused Google of abusing its ad market monopoly. Eight states, including New York and California, joined the DoJ in a complaint to “halt Google’s anticompetitive scheme, unravel Google’s monopolistic grip on the industry, and restore competition to digital advertising.” Last week, Alphabet requested a Federal judge to dismiss the case.

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