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Here is everything we know so far about XBox Series X

XBox Series X rumors

Xbox Series X is the next-generation console, and it will come out in 2020. It was previously called Xbox Project Scarlett, and Microsoft officially revealed it at The Game Awards 2019. The company also showed the trailer of the next-generation Xbox.  

We know when the company will release the next Xbox. We also know about the specs. However, what we don’t know much about the design of the latest Xbox Series X. We think that its design is going to be different from its predecessors. It’s going to have a blockier style that’s quite similar to a gaming PC.  

Sony is going to launch the PS5 around the same time as Series X. Although, currently, PS5 has the upper edge, Microsoft is going to put up a big fight in the console wars. Moreover, the Series X claims to have twice the power of the Xbox One. Let’s break down everything regarding the device one by one.  

Release date:  

You should expect the Xbox Series X to launch somewhere during the holiday season of 2020. This makes the release date between October and December 2020. We think that the November release would be the perfect time as Microsoft previously launched its consoles in November. We are also expecting that Sony’s PS5 will launch at that time.  


Currently, Microsoft hasn’t given any information regarding the price of the new device. Microsoft has been wise in this aspect. During the launch, the original Xbox One cost $499. However, the company quickly reduced the price when it found out that people weren’t buying it.  

Sony has done the same thing. It also hasn’t yet revealed the price of PS5. We think that the PS5 is going to cost less than $1000; however, it won’t be cheap. Microsoft has also mentioned that it won’t make the console economical, but try to keep its price aligned with those of competitors.  


Although Microsoft has claimed that all the Xbox One accessories will work with the Xbox Series X, the company has released the next generation controller with the Xbox Series X. This next-generation controller will be accessible to everyone.  

Xbox Controller


Microsoft wants the latest games to run smoothly on Xbox Series X. The company is aiming to run games at 60 FPS in 4K. Phil Spencer from Microsoft said, “In Xbox Series X, we have focused on playability and frame rate of the games. Moreover, we are also focusing on 4K visuals. Another aspect which we have focused on is to bring movies through 4K Blu-ray.” 

A standard SSD will be present in Xbox Series X, just like PS5. This will give the option of utilizing the storage system as a virtual RAM. Moreover, leaked bench results have arrived for an AMD ‘Flute’ system-on-a-chip (SOC). A Twitter user first spotted the benchmark resultsThese benchmark results show that the AMD Flute SoC will be available with eight Zen 2 cores, SMT capability, and 16 threads. Moreover, the base-clock speed of the chip will be just 1.6GHz.  

Although the Flute SOC’s processor isn’t too impressive in comparison to modern PCs, we think that the Flute CPU will have a double speed than the previous generation Jaguar SOCs. The chip will also come with a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). The benchmark results also indicate that the engineering sample will have 16GB of memory. We think that Flute SoC will share the 16GB memory between the GPU and CPU. 

Most people don’t care about the specs and are more concerned about whether they can play physical games on Xbox. You will be pleased to know that the latest Xbox has a physical disc drive.  


During the Xbox Series X’s reveal, Spencer said that the new Xbox would give a lively gaming experience, and it will lead us into the future of gaming. You will be able to play amazing games on the Xbox Series X, such as Hellblade II: Sensua’s Saga, Halo Infinite. Moreover, Ubisoft has confirmed that its upcoming games, like Watch Dogs: legion, Rainbow Six Quarantine, and Gods and Monsters will be available on this console.  

Thus, there is plenty to look forward to regarding Xbox Series X. Stay tuned because more Xbox Series X leaks will be coming soon.  

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The future of technological innovation is here. Be the first to discover the latest advancements, insights, and reviews. Join us in shaping the future.