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Jigso’s AI assistant will automatically present employee data.

Photo: Jigso

Many data sources overwhelm workers. To boost productivity, the volume makes discovering the information you need harder. AI can cut through the noise in huge data settings, migrate between apps, and discover the most important nuggets.

Jigso, an early-stage firm, is designing an AI assistant to operate as an observability layer, like security or performance monitoring. Still, it looks at employees’ applications for the needed information instead of logs. Startup announced $7.5 million in initial financing today.

Jigso creates a business observability layer. Tech and R&D love observability. DataDog, Sentry, and others enable you to monitor your key data and ensure you don’t miss anything. “So we adopted the same notion and attempted to adapt it to commercial apps and a business environment,” firm co-founder and CEO Or Shani told TechCrunch.

Shani said the business created a Slack bot called Sidekick to answer inquiries. They can filter keyword feeds based on data volume and content. He claims this eliminates the need to watch dashboards or leave Slack to acquire information from other apps. For example, Sidekick retrieves sales data without having to query Salesforce or Tableau. You may also use Jigso directly.

The startup says the software works with Salesforce, Zendesk, Jira, Excel, ClickUp, Google Sheets, Gmail, and Calendar and is adding more apps.

Shani and co-founder Tomer Naveh launched an ad tech firm and observed staff struggle to collect data despite their best efforts. They started Jigso near the end of 2021 because it was too hard to bring it all together manually. They are collaborating with 50 firms to improve the idea. The firm has ten workers and a few available positions but is attempting to start lean.

Shani claims he built a diverse company at his prior venture and is doing the same as they hire. He knows it’s not diverse, but he’s striving to change that.

General Catalyst, Entrée Capital, and Jibe Ventures invested $7.5 million today.

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