Although the Johnson Controls’ GLAS Smart is definitely pricier than other smart thermostats in the market, it ends up offering the prime experience for a device of its nature.

With its OLED screen and built-in Cortana speaker, the GLAS Smart definitely feels worth the price. Besides from controlling your thermostat from a distance, you can also monitor indoor air quality, as the device will tell you to circulate your fans if necessary. The screen is also pretty easy to use, even if you aren’t particularly tech-savvy, keeping its controls simple and intuitive.

The whole concept of a smart thermostat is something that sounds almost science fiction-esque, and the overall aesthetic of the GLAS Smart gives off that air. The thermostat looks almost elegant, with a solid display of information across its screen. It’ll easily show you the time, the temperature inside and outside your home, the date (including scheduling options) and, as stated before, the air quality. You can also connect it and control it through Alexa and Google Assistant, which seems to be becoming a trend in most devices coming out these days.

In the end, if you really care about the thermostat in your home and find yourself constantly having to readjust it, you should consider giving this device a try. It’s quite expensive, coming at $319, over 50$ more than its competition. Because of this, I’d recommend checking out some video footage of how the device actually works, so your money ends up being well spent. Price aside, the device delivers in spades and lives up to the expectations it creates.

Here you can find a quick summary of what it offers, alongside visuals.

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons

  • Maya Asregadoo

    Very cool that this thermostat can be controlled via Alexa!