KCC Summer Camp offers children an exciting opportunity to create their own video games, apps, and website projects. The technology camp offers 4 different sessions at different times for both age groups, the first session is for ages 8-10 and the second session is for ages 11 through 14. The children are able to create their own app in a session known as “App Attack!” Here children are able to learn the basics of creating a mobile gaming app. The children are taught to use a specialized app and game development tool, and learn about creating HTML5 web-based mobile apps. Children will also learn about publishing their mobile apps, the apps will be available on a private website known as Black Rocket and will be able to be played on any mobile device or computer. However, these games will NOT be published to any app stores or mobile companies, even if the student s do not have a smartphone or tablet, they will still be able to take the course. T

eamwork will also be an essential part of creating a mobile app, as students will work in teams to create their app. The second session is “Make Your First Video Game!” Here children will work in a program similar to the first one but instead of making an app they will be making a video game, the game will be designed in 2D. The children will learn about Conceptualization, play experience, level design, graphics, sounds, and coding are a few of the main concepts the children will learn in order to create their game. The games will be accessible through a password-protected site known as Black Rocket and will only be available for play on PC computers and will versions of the game will be available for a conversion fee of $15. The next program is entitled, “Make Your First 3D Video Game!” Here the children will take their game creating abilities one step further and instead of creating 2D platform games the games will be created in 3D.

The children will first learn about coding through HTML, JavaScript, and CSS through web-projects and challenges. Like the apps and 2D video games they will be available on the Black Rocket website. Finally students will learn the next level in app creation in the next program known as, “App Adventures: The Next Level!” Here the children will take the next step in creating their own gaming apps, children will be able to choose from an assortment of different mobile apps and learn more about programming and coding. Registration d=for the camp is available online at the camp’s website, http://www.kccbruinyouth.com the website also has information on other programs available for children of all ages.

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