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Leaked Panasonic S5 specs suggest it could be the next big thing

Panasonic S5 features leaked

If you are looking for an affordable camera in the market, there are many options, and one of the best is the Panasonic S5, whose specs have been leaked.

After the last week’s news that the Panasonic S5 has been registered with retailers, the camera leaker Nokishita has posted the complete specs to the pro-focused Panasonic S1.

This week’s leak indicates that the Panasonic S5 will have quite a small camera. It will weigh around 714g, compared to the 1,021g heft of the S1.

Panasonic camera

Although it has a small size, the S5 will inherit its pricier sibling’s power. This will include the ability to shoot around 4K/60p in 10-bit and 4K/30-bit in 10-bit. This makes it more of a hybrid camera in comparison to the Nikon Z5.

Some other specs include a 24.2MP full-frame CMOS-sensor five-axis in-body image stabilization (IBIS), a variety angle touchscreen, and the dual native ISO, which reduces the background noise in low light situations.

Some slightly less impressive specs include a 2.36 million dot-EVF, and 7fps burst shooting. Moreover, it also features a micro HDMI port rather than a full-size variant. It also uses a contrast-based autofocus system.

Although these specs are amazing, the bigger question is, how much will the Panasonic S5 cost? There isn’t any leak regarding the price tag yet. However, we can make guesses based on the current Panasonic S1 series.

Currently, you can buy a Panasonic S1 for $1998, which is quite lower than its original price. We expect that it will cost more than the Nikon Z5, whose price is only $1399. However, Panasonic S5 will range somewhere between that and the Panasonic S1’s current price range.

Another main benefit of Panasonic S5 in comparison to other full-frame mirrorless cameras is that it has a huge selection of native lenses. However, it’s part of the L-Mount Alliance with Leica and Sigma; the system has an 18 lens option.

If the new Panasonic S5 comes at a reasonable price, then it would be reliable option for non-professionals who are aiming for a video-focused hybrid camera that’s smaller than the hefty Panasonic S1. We will bring you more news as we get it.

If you are interested in other Panasonic cameras, you can check out the Panasonic XL 100-II here.

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