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Lightning cable Ban at EU—- Apple hits back saying it will create unprecedented waste

Lightning cable Ban at EU---- Apple hits back saying it will create unprecedented waste
  • Removing Lightning port will increase waste- Apple says
  • Apple’s iPhones take advantage of the proprietary Lightning port
  • The European Commission believes obsolete cables create 51,000 tonnes of waste annually

Apple Lightning connector:

The Lightning connector can be defined as the small connector present on Apple’s mobile devices besides a few of its specific accessories that charge as well as connects the devices with computers or charging bricks. It was in the year 2012 when the Lightning connector was first introduced with the launch of the iPhone 5 and, followed by the iPad 4.

What is Apple saying?

If you check the latest Android phones of Apple, we will see that it has a USB-C port. The fact is that Apple’s iPhones are still in the mode of using such a proprietary Lightning port. Few members belonging to the European Parliament prefer to ensure that all brands of phone-makers are adopting a universal port for reducing waste of electricity.

Here Apple is saying that such type of move is going to create excess waste by turning the accessories, which are Lightning-compatible obsolete.

Lightning cable Ban at EU


What’s the actual Issue behind it?

European politicians are now in the mode of campaigning against the single charging port of the past decade. As calculated by the European Commission, the estimated value of the obsolete cables is generating over and above 51,000 tonnes of waste annually. Alex AgiusSaliba, one of the key members of the European Parliament, “This is hugely detrimental for the environment”. Way back in the year 2009, there were around 30 + chargers in the market as almost all phone-makers launched their models with self-designed connectors. During that time, major tech giants, including Apple, Samsung, and Nokia signed a voluntary pledge for providing chargers compatible sets having the needed micro-USB standard. In the last couple of years, we can see that maximum phone manufacturers are putting micro-USB ports in all of their launched devices. During that period, Apple took advantage of the loophole and introduced its designed Lightning port in the year 2012. The loophole gave this brand the privilege to design its port, till the time it is in a position to offer a micro-USB adaptor for its customers. As of the market, there are three varieties of connectors. The Android devices majorly use USB-C or its older version micro-USB, and on the other hand, Apple is using Lightning.

Why Apple Supporting Lightning connector?

Apple mentioned so far they have shipped billions of devices having a Lightning connector, and also accessories using this technology. It indicated that the legislation is going to disrupt “hundreds of millions of active devices and accessories used by our European customers”.

It mentioned that in case European law-makers try to force the phone manufacturers to use outdated micro-USB of 2009, then it will restrict the progress of technology.

The company mentioned, “We do not believe there is a case for regulation given the industry is already moving to the use of USB-C through a connector or cable assembly.” “all iPhone and iPad devices,” which let consumers “reuse their charger”. Such comments indicate that Apple has some devices in the pipeline which will be compatible with the Lightning port.

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The future of technological innovation is here. Be the first to discover the latest advancements, insights, and reviews. Join us in shaping the future.