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Menat Joins Street Fighter V as the Newest DLC Character

Meet the newest DLC character for Street Fighter V: Menat, also known as the Fortune Teller.

Menat is a mystical, Egyptian fortune teller that lives in Italy. She is learning to master Soul Power as Rose’s apprentice. She has fierce purple hair and a crystal ball that she uses to control her enemies. Menat is the first Egyptian character ever created for the series.

Menat seems to have some exciting moves, as seen in the Menat reveal trailer released on Tuesday morning. According to Jonathan “Catalyst” Grey at the Event Hubs blog, “Menat seems to be heavily based around her crystal ball, which she uses for a variety of mix ups, combos, and attacks. It’s also a juggling tool. She even has a dive kick which looks to be effective in baiting throws.”

“Rounding out some of the other moves showcased in the trailer, she appears to have a slide attack, and a reflect move to deal with projectiles,” Grey continued. “Her V-Trigger summons six orbs on screen, and they attack the opponent one at a time, plus can be used in conjunction with her crystal ball.”

Menat’s character was recently introduced on August 29th by Capcom at the 2017 Hong Kong eSports Festival during the top eight contest, but some vigilant fans guessed as early as May that she’d be the latest character added to the Street Fighter V roster.

A statement featuring a crystal ball was sent out on Twitter and the silhouette seen in the teaser image for Season 2 matched Menat, giving away the surprise to those few eager fans.

It was also suggested that Menat would be the next character released after she was featured in Ed’s story mode as Rose’s apprentice. A character list was also accidentally leaked long before Ed had joined Street Fighter V that had Menat’s name on the roster.

Menat is now the 27th character on the roster for Street Fighter V. The DLC characters that debuted before her include Alex, Guile, Ibuki, Juri, Balrog, Urien, and Abigail. She is the eighth new DLC character that was added, following Abigail who was introduced in July at Evo 2017.

Capcom definitely kept their promise to continue adding on to Street Fighter V long after the launch. It has been almost a year and a half since the worldwide release of Street Fighter V on February 16th of 2016, and since then, Season 2 gave fans the return of Akuma, as well as the addition of the new characters listed above. The last character in the works that will be released later this year is Guy’s master, Zeku.

Menat will be equipped with three separate costumes, one standard, one for story mode, and another for battle sequences. In celebration of Street Fighter’s 30th anniversary, an assortment of costumes for other characters will be released along with the DLC.

Street Fighter V is available for Microsoft Windows and Playstation 4, and a Steam version is also available. Menat, The Eyes of the Future, is available now to download.


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The future of technological innovation is here. Be the first to discover the latest advancements, insights, and reviews. Join us in shaping the future.