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Microsoft Teams sessions now support Snapchat Lenses.

Photo Cedit: Snap

Tired of utilizing virtual backdrops to liven up Microsoft Teams calls? You may now communicate in meetings. Microsoft and Snap unveiled Snapchat Lenses for Teams to spice up virtual meetings today.

Teams users may use 26 popular Lenses in meetings as part of the integration. Lenses may turn you into a cartoon or add amusing backdrops to your videos. Snap believes the integration will make meetings more enjoyable and engaging. Click on “Video effects” and choose “Snapchat” to start using the Lenses without downloading anything.

“With the development of hybrid and flexible work, our customers need tools that help create relationships and nurture a productive and fun work environment,” said Microsoft Teams Vice President Nicole Herskowitz in an email. “That’s why we’re delighted to introduce Snapchat’s most popular Lenses natively into Microsoft Teams meetings, making it easier for users to add even more personality and fun to video conversations. Snapchat Lenses for Teams gives consumers a fun new way to express themselves and interact with coworkers.”

Snap’s SDK, Camera Kit, allows partners to integrate Snap’s AR technology into their apps and websites.

Microsoft has integrated Camera Kit twice. The startup uses Camera Kit to add Snap AR to Flip, Microsoft’s video learning platform where instructors may submit subject suggestions to inspire student video dialogues. By introducing Snap AR to the Flip online experience, students and instructors have made 60% more movies.

Snap shut down its desktop camera program that let users add filters to video conversations a few months ago. Instead, snap stated it was prioritizing online Camera Kit access. The business developed Snap Camera in 2018 as a tool for producers to spice up their Twitch feed. Still, it took off during the pandemic in 2020 when people started using it with video conferencing applications like Microsoft Teams, Skype, YouTube, Google Hangouts, Skype, and Zoom. The Windows and Mac program let users alter facial filters during video calls and live streams.

Snap says it’s working with new partners to integrate Camera Kit, so Snapchat Lenses may soon appear in more popular apps and platforms.

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