“Twin Mirror”, the upcoming title unveiled at this year’s E3 Press Conference, is currently in development by Dotnod Entertainment, better known for the development of the critically acclaimed “Life is Strange” title. Apart from a short cinematic trailer shown off at E3, details of the title have been sparse. The title hinted at a game that seemed to have a more drab color palette than Life Is Strange, and put players in control of an older protagonist. This, along with shots of blood and violence, hinted that Dotnod would be looking to create a story game with more mature themes with Twin Mirror.

Now, a recent Developer Diary has given eager fans some much-wanted details about what they can expect from the coming title.

The developer giving the diary is Dotnod Entertainment CEO Oskar Guilbert, who begins by confirming that Twin Mirror will take place in a world that is “more dark and mature” than what Dotnod has previously attempted.

He also says that Twin Mirror is a game about coming to grips with your choices, about accepting the past and returning to a life you’ve previously left.

Guilbert’s words also suggested that Twin Peaks would not be for the faint of heart. He says that Twin Mirror will offer players much more control over the story than ever before, and the game’s ending will be influenced by what players do, who they meet, and how they interact with their world. “Obviously there are no good or bad choices,” says Guilbert. “In a way, the game is a mirror of the player’s personality.”

“I can’t yet reveal much about the innovative gameplay of Twin Mirror, but there is a specific gameplay that really carries the story into the context of a video game, an interactive story.

-Oskar Guilbert

Guilbert continues to elaborate on how Twin Mirror is very different from anything else Dotnod Entertainment has ever developed. He hints at a greater focus on investigation as a way of interacting with the world and progressing with the story. Life is Strange was also partially baked in mystery, but that mystery was revealed more passively through dialogue than actively through objective investigation. But Guilbert hints at more direct interactions and confrontations in Twin Mirror, and says that the player, controlling a man named Sam, will be able to uncover a “hidden reality” that will allow them to keep moving through the world of Twin Mirror in a very interesting way.

This hints that the game will feature some kind of supernatural elements, similar to Life is Strange, which doesn’t come as the biggest surprise, since the initial reveal trailer did show a strange shadow-man attacking Sam. It will be interesting to see how Dotnot plans to integrate these supernatural elements into the game however, and how they will change the traditional style of the interactive story experience Dotnot has become known for.


  • Caroline Walker

    It is amazing how cinematic games have become.

  • Maya Asregadoo

    “… coming to grips with your choices, about accepting the past and returning to a life you’ve previously left” sounds a lot like Season One of Life is Strange, actually. I love the Life is Strange franchise, so I’m sure that I’ll enjoy this new game!