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New Leak From Apple Reveals Key iPhone 8 Features

A New leak from Apple has revealed new interesting features for the iPhone 8 as well as the “signature” features that the phone will be known for, these features will also be available in more iOS products that Apple develops later on.

The iPhone 8 will have a bezel-less design, no home button, OLED display technology, wireless charging, and one of the biggest rumored features being 3D facial recognition technology which will be the most advanced piece of technology ever seen on any mobile device. The leak happened on Friday and was noticed by Steve Troughton-Smith, a developer at Apple found what he believed was an Apple gaffe, the company had recently posted the first bit of firmware for the HomePod, a Siri-based smart speaker that Apple is releasing this December.

Troughton-Smith decided to investigate further into the supposed gaffe and began digging through it and found various details about the upcoming iPhone, including an iPhone 8 schematic confirming all of the recent iPhone 8 leaks that have been revealed in the recent weeks. Leaks from Apple are very rare but they do happen and usually come from Apple’s suppliers or a secret source from inside of the company that has been sharing information with reporter and analysts.

The leak also contained information about the new facial recognition system that Apple has implemented into the iPhone 8, which may also be replacing Touch ID in the upcoming smartphones, Troughton-Smith later took to Twitter to confirm that the iPhones will have facial recognition scanners as the leaks had revealed, “I can confirm reports that HomePod’s firmware reveals the existence of upcoming iPhone’s infra-red face unlock in BiometricKit and elsewhere.”

For those wondering why the facial recognition feature will use infrared technology it is due to the feature having to work in low-light conditions and even when it’s dark outside, which will allow users to unlock their phone’s easier even when they are in dark areas, however, the iPhone 8 will be the first to implement this technology into the iPhone series so there is a possibility that the technology may be somewhat buggy when it is first released. These leaks come directly from Apple, but caution should be expressed when reading other rumors about the iPhone 8 from unknown sources. The iPhone 8 is due to release in September and more details about the phone may be released as the year continues, so be sure to be on the look out for new information.

Featured Image via Pixabay

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