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Rumor has it that Apple is working on a $5000 gaming Mac


Although 2020 has just begun, we already hear exciting rumors. One of the rumors is that Apple is working on a $5000 gaming Mac that has been designed, especially for gaming purposes.  

The economy Daily website first reported this rumor. It suggested that Apple is breaking into the esports market with an expensive gaming Mac that’s aimed at gamers. The site also hinted that Apple is working on such a machine that could be an all-in-one PC. Moreover, it could also be a gaming laptop, like the MacBook Pro 16-inch. The rumors also indicate that Apple will reveal the gaming Mac in June 2020 in its Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC).  

Although the idea of Apple entering into the PC gaming market is quite appealing, it’s highly unlikely that the company would introduce a gaming MacBook or gaming iMac soon. The main reason behind this is that there isn’t much to consider in the Mac gaming ecosystem. You can play all the best PC games on modern PCs, while only a handful of them run on macOS.  

Although some game developers release the Mac versions, most of them don’t. The main reason behind this is that most gamers use PCs instead of Macs. Thus, Mac users miss out on the latest games.  

Apple might launch gaming mac

Another reason that Apple won’t make a gaming Mac is that Nvidia currently produces the best gaming graphics card. However, you won’t see a GPU from Nvidia in Apple products. Apple and Nvidia’s relationship got worse in 2019 when Nvidia ended the support of CUDA for macOS. Thus, Apple would struggle from the start to convince its users to switch to Mac.  

Another aspect of the rumor that is quite unsettling is the high price. If Apple is planning to make a $5000 gaming machine, it would be one of the most expensive gaming devices in the market. Although gaming laptops are costly, they aren’t that pricey.  

If this price point is accurate, Apple needs to produce something outstanding. The company could introduce esports gaming, which is quite a big business. However, most popular esports games aren’t graphically demanding and don’t require a really powerful machine to play. Moreover, the players of Dota 2 and Fortnite won’t be impressed by a $5000 Mac.  

We don’t think that Apple will introduce a $5000 Mac. However, you can’t rule out the rumor. Apple is getting into gaming by launching Apple Arcade, a gaming subscription service that competes with Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass. However, currently, Apple Arcade is mostly concerned with mobile games.  

Thus, there might be some truth to the rumor that Apple is making a gaming device to play Arcade games. However, we don’t buy the expensive aspect of it. Apple is likely going to release a smaller and affordable device, like gaming Apple TV to take on the coming Xbox Series X and PS5.  

We are going to know more about Apple’s upcoming plans this year. In the end, Apple might produce an outstanding gaming Mac to surprise everyone 

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The future of technological innovation is here. Be the first to discover the latest advancements, insights, and reviews. Join us in shaping the future.