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Samsung acknowledges Galaxy Note 20 Ultra flaws raised by owners

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra issues

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra release date has just passed and several users have reported issues with the phone in the form of camera bump deformities.

SamMobile reported that around 100 users went on the Samsung forums and mentioned the issues which they noticed with camera lenses and the bump on the back.

According to SamMobile’s report, only users in South Korea have reported these issues. So, it’s unclear whether the problem is just in that country or people in other regions are also facing the same problem.

Samsung responded to this issue in a statement, “Samsung is fully committed to providing optimal customer satisfaction on Samsung mobiles. Recently, there have been reports of foggy photos in the Samsung cameras. However, this type of condensation is quite common when you expose the smartphone to high temperature suddenly.”

Samsung has been facing a lot of issues recently. Samsung delayed the Galaxy Fold for several months due to the durability issues. Moreover, the Galaxy S20 ultra had a few cases of shattering camera bumps.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

We heard from several Note 20 Ultra owners that they had seen gaps in the lenses and the camera housing. The owners also complained of fogginess and dust in the photos. However, the dust doesn’t impact the photos taken from the phone. Still, users are worried about this issue because they paid so much for the phone.

The Galaxy Note 7 faced an issue in which the battery caught fire. It became a memorable event for people who aren’t smartphone fans. However, the Galaxy S20 ultra flaw isn’t this much severe. So, you shouldn’t worry.

According to the report from Sam Mobile, around 100 users have mentioned this issue with the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. However, the company has sold 780,000 models in that area. Even if 200 people face this issue, it takes just 0.25% of the total. So, we recommend that you buy the phone because of its awesome specs.

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