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Sea Of Thieves Getting Huge Cursed Sails Trailer

Sea of Thieves, the Xbox One exclusive title that comes pre-packed with Gamefly, has gotten somewhat of a mixed perception ever since its launch. The game launched in a similar state to No Man’s Sky, with many of the features being promised or shown previously totally absent with the game, leaving players with a barebones experience that many will argue was not worth the full asking price. However, similar to No Man’s Sky, (Which just got a huge multiplayer update) this game seems to be a title with a commuted development team that wants the game to keep expanding over a long period of time.

The first of those content updates released some time ago, adding the fairly impressive Megalodon as a massive boss that players could take on with their hardy crew of cartoonish pirates.

The next update to be spraying seawater on the sails of bloodthirsty pirates goes by the name of Cursed Sails, and looks to be even larger and more game-changing than the updates that came before it.

This short teaser trailer doesn’t show off many of the details of what the update will do, but it gives you a general hint as to the theme of what’s coming, along with some very Pirates of The Caribbean vibes as skeletal sailors march across their cursed ship.

Luckily, developer Rare has posted some notes about the update on the Sea of Thieves official site.

Cursed Sails will change things forever on the Sea of Thieves, as the sails you see cresting the horizon are no longer guaranteed to be other players making their own way through the world. The decks beneath those masts may now be manned by skeletal marauders returned to the seas from their restless graves. All that sustains these grinning terrors is a thirst for battle that leads them to terrorise Outposts and call out defenders to face them on the tides…”

But the undead hordes won’t be the only ones getting an upgrade in this new addition. Now included is the new Brigantine ship type, which is specifically tailored for smaller groups of only three sailors. Sea of Thieves is now more playable than ever if you want to take a shot at it on your own or with just a single buddy by your side.

But even larger is the addition of a brand-new Alliance system, which brings multiple pirates into a tentative (They are pirates, after all) alliance to allow them to tackle even greater missions and defeat larger numbers of foes. In theory, this will end with them splitting the loot between their crews, but Rare didn’t go so far as to develop a perfect Alliance system in a pirate game – Mutinies and betrayals can totally happen.

And all those skeletons we saw in the teaser aren’t just out there for show – they’re also fixing up one of Sea of Thieves’ most troublesome issues: The infrequency of ship-on-ship combat.

The high seas contain a whole lot of seas. Previously, although a group of pirates could theoretically come face to face with other groups, the encounters were very few and far between. Plus, there was no real incentive to loot the other player’s ship, as you only got something for your efforts if they were on their way back from a mission. If they were, it would be in their best interest to aim for your sails and run away. Real ship – versus – ship action was very very rare.

These skeleton crafts change that by posing a constant, player – versus – environment threat which encourages and allows players to take them down. Finally, you can reliably have those epic experiences you’ve been imagining from this game, where you climb aboard the opposing ship – or shoot yourself out of a cannon – and begin laying waste to the enemy crew. In addition to the cool factor of some new skeleton to kill, it makes accessing the more fun and interesting parts of the game a lot more intuitive.

The update is live now, so call up your ‘mates and get to swashbucklin’. The high seas rest for no one.



  1. Alyssa

    July 23, 2018 at 7:22 pm

    I hate when games do this, and you spend all your money for just half the game, I am glad they are looking to update and fix those issues

  2. Maya Asregadoo

    August 3, 2018 at 12:45 am

    Pirate games are always lots of fun; it’ll be interesting to see how this is received!

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The future of technological innovation is here. Be the first to discover the latest advancements, insights, and reviews. Join us in shaping the future.