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Symmetra’s Teleporter Rework Looks To Change All of Competitive Overwatch

Symmetra joins the roster of Overwatch’s original yet fully-reworked characters, with a completely reworked toolkit now live on the PTR test server.

So what has changed between the live version and the PTR version? Just about everything. If you’re already familiar with the adjustments, skip to the teleporter section below. If not, read on. She’s received a serious makeover.

First, her primary fire now works more like Zarya’s, losing its tracking function in exchange for more damage that still increases the more Symmetra sustains the beam. Plus, the weapon will no longer use ammunition while firing on a barrier such as Zarya’s bubble or Reinhardt’s shield, allowing players to reach the final stage of their beam’s potential without burning through ammunition. Her secondary fire is also different: instead of a slow-moving ball that passes through targets, it now charges up much more quickly and deals area-of-effect damage on contact with enemy players.

Turrets have also received a dramatic update, and can now be fired as projectiles, setting up wherever they land. They boast increased range and damage, but Symmetra is now limited to setting up 3 at one time rather than her original 6. The projectiles also move fairly slowly and can be destroyed in midair, so players will want to stay unpredictable with their turret placements. And upon first viewing, her ultimate seems to be the most insane change of all: Instead of a small deployable that, while impactful, never really felt “ultimate” enough for the title, she now gains access to a massive energy barrier with 5,000 health and infinite vertical range. It creates a wall of shield energy that has the potential to completely bisect the map, cutting off all enemy firing lines in one fell swoop.

The Teleporter is nothing short of insanity. The ability now places one entry point at Sym’s feet and the exit at a destination of her choosing a moderate distance away. It runs on a twelve-second cooldown, has limited health and takes a second to set up, but allows every character on Symmetra’s team to travel through the gateway before it expires, including characters using movement abilities and certain deployables. Despite the long cooldown, organized players are already showing the potential for this tool to warp space in a way no other character can.

Testers on YouTube have already confirmed that Torbjörn turrets can be brought through the warp gate. This sets up for options such as having a Torb player build a turret, placing a Symmetra entry gate under the turret and the exit gate on a payload or behind an enemy team, and having the Torb use Molten Core, instantly plopping a death machine with absurd damage right where the enemy doesn’t want it. Heroes lacking mobility options can make use of Symmetra to compete with those who have them, which will drastically help out heroes like Mccree in the Overwatch competitive scene should these changes go live.

Much of the strategy in Overwatch’s top competition relies on placement, positioning, and choke points. Heroes like Bastion and Torbjörn rarely see play due to their kits requiring them to stay close to one spot to deal the most damage. Symmetra’s teleporter could seriously change that, warping a Bastion and Reinhardt to a convenient flank without giving the opposing team time to counter or react. Junkrat tires also have the ability to move through the portal at will, turning an innocent-looking warp gate into a massive bomb. If these changes are pushed to the main game in their current state, the unrivaled amount of creativity encouraged by the new teleporter will undoubtedly create some jaw-dropping next-level plays in the upcoming Overwatch League Grand Finals.

Featured Image via Flickr / Daniiel Weslley

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The future of technological innovation is here. Be the first to discover the latest advancements, insights, and reviews. Join us in shaping the future.